De Cozy @ Belimbing

De Cozy @ Belimbing

  • Sennett Estate 38 Belimbing Avenue Singapore 349910


De Cozy is a co-living company established in 2015. They provide home-stayed accommodation to students and working professionals. Their properties are private residential units and they offer various room types and price range to cater to the needs of their tenants. Please contact the company for more information and viewing arrangement. You can also visit their FB Page DeCozySG.

Belimbing is located in the Sennett estate area. The nearest MRT station is Potong Pasir MRT. It is about 15 minutes’ walk away from the accommodation. Students are advised to take a bus (Bus 64) from the bus stop opposite Cencon Building, MacPherson Road. And alight at Block 45, Sims Drive, 5 stops later. From there, the student will walk to the campus. The journey will take about 30 minutes.

Access to the accommodation at Belimbing is by key. There is only one point of entry to the accommodation, and that is by the main gate. As this is a landed property, there isn't any facilities available for the students. Within the unit, students can use the stairs to access to rooms on the second floor. Rooms at the accommodation are spacious and it does have a traditional feel living in the accommodation. It is suitable for students who like a quiet place.

De Cozy ensured that for every student, the following will be included with the rental fees: air-condition, bed, wardrobe, study desk, chair, trash bin, and a laundry basket. Students can also get to share the washer provided by De Cozy. De Cozy will also be providing weekly housekeeping in the common area. Students are responsible to their own room cleanliness.

Room TypeMonthly Rent
Master Room $1100 - $1400
Single Common Room $1700 - $2000



Kindly note that the pictures shown are for illustration purposes only, and the layout and type of furniture provided in each room might differ due to replacement or rearrangement.

Service Standards for accommodation providers

Our accommodation providers must meet benchmark standards set by the University relating to all aspects of accommodation services.

One Time Administrative Fees (non-refundable)
Security Deposit
1 month rental
Keys/Card/Utilities Deposit: $200/-
Rooms Include
Attached Bathroom for Master Room
A study desk and chair
Laundry Basket
Trash Bin
Additional Services/Facilities
High-speed WIFI
Weekly housekeeping in common areas
Kitchen with cooking allowed
Microwave Oven
Vacuum Cleaner
Other Information
Minimum Lease Period: 6 months
Preferred Lease Period: 12 months
Exchange Program Students: 4 months (subject to approval by the company)
Rental excludes the following:
• Utilities: Split among housemates
• Air-conditioner Servicing Fee: $60/pax per 6-month period
• Check-Out Room Cleaning Fee: $50
Rental is payable monthly.