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Book Prizes

Book Prizes

Book Prizes for Year 1 subjects

The Singapore campus of James Cook University is honoured and encouraged to be able to enjoy the strong support of industry partners who believe in scholarship and academic excellence via the award of Book Prizes.

A Book Prize is awarded to the top performing student in a Year 1 subject, each trimester.  Each Book prize comes with a Certificate and a $250 cash award (terms apply e.g. the recipient of the award must remain a student at JCUS).

We are therefore pleased to announce that Book Prizes for the following subjects shall be available in SP51/2021.

  1. BU1003:03 Principles of Economics - sponsored by ACHO
  2. BU1007:03 Principles of Data Analysis for Business - sponsored by Converging Knowledge
  3. BU1104:03 Introduction to Management Concepts and Application  - sponsored by Flywire
  4. BU1105:03 Business Communication - sponsored by GLOO PR
  5. BU1108:03 Marketing Matters - sponsored by Pixerf
  6. BU1112:03 Business Law - sponsored by BitData Exchange
  7. BS1007:03 Introduction to Biodiversity - sponsored by Flywire
  8. CP1402:03 Internet Fundamentals - sponsored by Flywire
  9. CP1403:03 Design Thinking - sponsored by ACHO
  10. CP1404:03 Programming II  - sponsored by Flywire
  11. ED1421:03 Foundations of Language and Literacy in Education   - sponsored by Flywire
  12. ED1481:03 Educational Psychology: Learners and Learning - sponsored by ACHO
  13. ED1492:03 Teaching Mathematics and Numeracy in Primary and Early Childhood Settings - sponsored by Flywire
  14. EV1005:03 Environmental Processes and Global Change - sponsored by ACHO
  15. EV1011:03 Introduction to Sustainability - sponsored by BitData Exchange
  16. MA1020:03 Preparatory Mathematics - sponsored by BitData Exchange
  17. MA1401:03 Statistics and Data Analysis 1 - sponsored by Converging Knowledge
  18. PY1101:03 Exploring Psychology: From Brain to Practice - sponsored by Flywire
  19. PY1102:03 Exploring Psychology: From Perception to Reality - sponsored by BitData Exchange
  20. PY1106:03 Communicating Psychology: Listening, Translating & Disseminating - sponsored by ACHO

The above is the growing list of Year 1 subjects with Book Prizes for the Year 2021.  Over time, more Year 1 subjects shall be added to the list as more industry partners come forward with their kind sponsorships of Book Prizes.

We once again thank our kind sponsors.