Accommodation FAQs

Accommodation FAQs

Accommodation Procedures & Workflow

How do I apply for accommodation with the Singapore campus of James Cook University?

You must firstly be associated with Singapore campus of James Cook University.

For new students, once you have received your In-Principle Approval (IPA), you can login to our Pre-Arrival System for airport pickup and accommodation application.

For current students, you can send us an email at for an initial enquiry. Please have the subject titled as, “Current Student Seeking Accommodation Assistance”

You will be receive a reply within 2 working days from James Cook University Singapore student accommodation department.

How do I confirm my accommodation?

Upon receipt of your request, we will make arrangements for your booking and thereafter email you an Accommodation Acknowledgement and request that you confirm the accommodation arrangement within 3 working days.

I have just applied to study at the Singapore campus, but I have yet to receive a Letter of Offer. Can I place an accommodation booking?

Our accommodation arrangement is only offered to students who have received a confirmed placement at the university.

When will I know the total accommodation required?

The Accommodation Acknowledgement Letter will detail the total payment required. You can make payment before you arrive by Telegraph Transfer (TT) or pay for the accommodation in cash when you check-in.

I have received my Accommodation Acknowledgement Letter, however, I would like to change my room type. Can I do so?

Yes, you are entitled to one room type change after receiving the Accommodation Acknowledgement Letter. The change request must occur at least three days prior to your arrival and it is subject to room availability.

When should I send in my accommodation request?

Please submit your airport pickup and accommodation request once you receive your In-Principle Approval (IPA). An email will be send to you to direct you to the Pre-Arrival System.

Do I need to pay a security deposit for my accommodation?

Yes. For all accommodation service providers, they require a security deposit to confirm the accommodation. Most deposit amount will be equivalent to one calendar month’s rent and is refundable at the end of your accommodation contract. However, it is subjected to meeting contract obligations, such as leaving the room tidy, no damage, and etc.

I don't prefer any of the accommodation currently engaged, is it possible to make my own arrangements?

The university renders accommodation assistance to students free of charge. We give the students the liberty to opt for the best accommodation that matches their preference. If students decides to make their own arrangements, we do advise that they ensure the provider is legitimate and that they are well aware of regulations by different government regulatory boards on accommodation.

For Housing & Development Board (HDB) rental, the landlord must seek HDB approval prior to registering student as a tenant. Minimum rental period at HDB rooms/flats is 6 months.

For private residential rental, landlord doesn’t need to seek approval from Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Maximum number of occupants in the unit is 6. And the minimum rental period is 3 months.

Students may visit the following property rental websites.

Accommodation Facilities & Services

Is the cost of utilities (water, gas and electricity) included in the rent?

Our accommodation service providers have various regulations in terms of payment of utilities. Some of them include the utility cost into the monthly rental rate, while some of them charged it separately on top of the monthly rental rate.

Is internet connection included in the rent?

Our accommodation service provides wireless internet connection as part of the monthly rent.

For students who decides to source for their own accommodation, wireless internet connection may or may not be available as part of other accommodation rental options. Students are advised to check with their landlord whether the wireless internet connection is included in the monthly rent.

What kind of facilities are in the rooms?

Our accommodation service providers have a set of basic items that they are required to provide to the students. This includes the bed, personal locker/wardrobe, air-condition, study table, chair, and minimum of 2 conveniently located power sockets.

For students who decides to source for their own accommodation, facilities varies from different landlords. Students are advised to check with the landlord.

Other Services

Will there be a representative from James Cook University Singapore meeting me at the airport when I first arrive in Singapore?

If you have submitted your confirmed flight details through our Pre-Arrival System, our pre-arrival department will arrange a current James Cook University Singapore student to meet you at airport and take you to your pre-arranged accommodation location.

Do I need to pay for the service? Such as airport pickup, accommodation arrangement, and medical check-up for student pass.

All the above services are rendered as part of the International Student Registration Fee, among a whole range of university services. Hence, you are not required to make any other payment to facilitate the above.

Can I have friends and family come to stay?

We welcome all friends and visitors to Singapore. However, our airport pickup and accommodation service is only available to you, your parents or siblings.

Our accommodation service providers do not allow parents to stay with their kid. Parents are advised to stay at a hotel or hostel of their choice during their visit in Singapore.

My question is not answered here, who should I contact?

For questions regarding student accommodation, please drop a mail to

For questions regarding airport pickup, please drop a mail to

Things to Consider When Sharing Accommodation

Singapore is a multicultural country and you may find customs and religions different from those in yours. Part of your education experience in Singapore is to be able to adapt to the new environment along with being socially integrated. Some of the common courtesies to observe are as follow:

  • Generally it is custom in Singapore to remove your shoes before you enter a house and leave them at the door
  • Keep your accommodation clean and tidy
  • Keep the kitchen clean and wash up cutlery and crockery daily
  • Keep the bathroom clean by washing it regularly. Flush the toilet after use
  • Organise a timetable for use of the washing machine
  • Take in your laundry when it is dry to allow others in the house to do their washing
  • The washing machine is meant for washing your clothes and linen. Do not wash footwear in the washing machine

Religious practices

You may be sharing your accommodation with people of different religions. It is important to respect their beliefs and not impose your beliefs on others.

Storing food

The consumption or handling of certain food is prohibited in some religions. Please respect your housemates' religious dietary restrictions. For example, Muslims do not eat pork or cook with alcohol or pork fat (lard). Hindus and Buddhists do not eat beef and some may be vegetarians. Ensure that you store and cook these products separately if your housemate observes these religious practices.

Religious rituals

Your housemates will respect your need to pray, but to show mutual respect, keep your religious practices private. Conduct your prayers in your own room. Do not disturb your housemates in the common room with the burning of incense and other religious rituals.

Household etiquette

Although you may feel you have gained a degree of freedom by living away from home, you should still observe some basic rules of household etiquette:

  • Obtain permission from your landlord if you are bringing guests to stay
  • Observe curfew hours by not returning home too late and be careful not to disturb the household upon your return
  • Do not smoke in your room
  • For the protection of your possessions and for your personal safety, keep your room locked at all times