Learning Centre Workshops

Learning Centre Workshops

Learning Centre Workshop Series SP51 2022

Learning Centre conducts nine weeks of workshops on Microsoft Excel at intermediate level, SPSS, essay writing, literature review writing, laboratory report and business report writing, avoiding plagiarism and academic misconduct, APA citation and referencing, and exam strategies. These workshops aim to help students improve their literacy and numeracy skills (e.g., critical thinking, academic writing, and statistical analysis). Please see schedule below.

The workshops are free and are open only to James Cook University Singapore students. No pre-registration required unless otherwise stated. For more information, click on the events listed or send an email to learningcentre-singapore@jcu.edu.au

There are no upcoming Learning Centre workshops. Please check back soon!

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Getting Started with SPSS

SPSS stands for “Statistical Package for the Social Sciences”, but it is more than that. It is one of the most commonly used statistical packages across disciplines, including Psychology. In this workshop, you will learn about the different components of SPSS, how to enter new data, create new variables, and run basic descriptive statistics and a simple statistical test. Previous knowledge of statistics or data analysis is not necessary.

Microsoft Excel at Intermediate Level

Microsoft Excel makes organising information, calculations and data visualisation easy. In this workshop, you will learn to create different types of graphs and charts in the APA style, use more advanced formulas, generate descriptive statistics, and conduct basic statistical analysis and pivot tables. If you would like to learn about basic Excel feature, e.g., how to reference specific cells, use basic formulas, auto-fill cells, freeze pane and filtering features, please visit LearnJCU (Log into LearnJCU > Organisations > Learning Centre JCU Singapore > Learning Centre Resources > Stats and Maths, or contact learningcentre-singapore@jcu.edu.au

Avoiding Academic Misconduct

In this workshop, you will learn the basic definitions of academic integrity and academic misconduct. You will read and react to a case study to understand academic misconduct behaviours and their consequences. You will also discuss ways to avoid these academic misconduct behaviours. You will value the role of academic integrity in your life as a student in the university and in your future career.

Being Confident with APA 7th

All subjects at JCU use APA style for essays, reports and other written assignments. Two key components of the APA style are in-text citations and references. In this workshop, you will learn and practise how to write in-text citations and references following the 7th edition of the APA manual.

Writing Essays Effectively

You are faced with the common dilemma of putting your ideas into writing. You have many ideas in mind, and you find it difficult to organise these ideas properly. This workshop will provide you with opportunities to think about your topic, brainstorm about a thesis or controlling argument relevant to your topic, and organise your ideas effectively as you aim to write a cohesive and coherent essay.

Writing a Literature Review Effectively

A literature review is a critical analysis of a particular topic based on empirical data and insights from published studies in the academic literature. However, it is a challenge for you how to start, let alone write a literature review. Join this workshop and learn how to plan and write a literature review.

Writing Lab Reports and Business Reports Effectively

Writing a report is not the same as writing an essay. Reports for different purposes have their own requirements. These workshops will guide you in organising your information and ideas for writing business reports and lab reports effectively. Join these workshops and learn how to write your reports with impact.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Don’t fall into the plagiarism trap. Come and learn how to paraphrase, summarise and quote with attribution, and edit your assignments effectively to avoid plagiarism.

Learning Online and Passing Online Exams

Learn about new techniques to thrive in the virtual learning space and use them to beat the stresses of online exams.