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Student support services

Student support services

The Student Affairs Office is responsible for students enrolled at the Singapore campus of James Cook University for the duration of their studies. Activities and services provided by the office include:

Orientation – conducted the week before your first semester starts. The comprehensive orientation covers information such as enrolment, administrative procedures and familiarisation with campus facilities and services. Importantly, this is a great time for you to meet other new students, form new friendships and meet senior students who can assist you with any issues you may have adjusting to life in Singapore.

Student Mentor Program to groom leaders, providing a source of guidance and assistance to students who may face problems.

Career planning and career workshops such as “Effective Resume Writing” and “Effective Interview Techniques” to prepare graduating students for job search. For more information, please visit Careers segment of the website.

Counselling referral services focusing on student health and wellness, to help with personal and university related concerns.

Recreational, sports and other activities for the student community on campus.

To provide easy access of forms and documents to our prospective and current students, we have uploaded and organised them for downloads within the respective categories.

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