Research Literacy

Research Literacy

Postgraduate and higher degree research involves active engagement in the discovery, application, integration, and communication of knowledge. Researchers need to communicate their research clearly and effectively, advance disciplinary knowledge, and highlight the value of their contribution.

A key part of this research is producing a well-written thesis or dissertation that demonstrates knowledge of and expertise in an area of study. One aspect is learning to engage with specialised knowledge and ways of knowing, being and doing within an area of study. The other is developing the confidence to effectively communicate research with clarity and purpose to a range of audiences.

At Learning Centre, we know how challenging this can be. We can help you master the technical aspects of writing, such as the organisation, style, flow, and presentation of research texts. We can help you develop an understanding of how language works that enables you, the writer, to make informed choices in your writing. We can also help you think through and about writing to become more confident, sophisticated, and critical.

We help students with writing and communicating research. We deliver workshops, sessions and programs that are tailored to the specific needs of research students. We draw on frameworks that offer accessible, context-based understandings of the key issues that students face and practical ways of unpacking, making sense of and addressing these issues. Support is coordinated by Mr. Daniel O’Sullivan

We can help you better:

  • view language as a system of choices related to the organisation, style, flow, mechanics, and presentation of your research
  • understand language as a resource to express knowledge and meaning
  • connect language/literacy to specialised knowledge in your research


We can help you find your:

  • voice to successfully communicate your knowledge and meaning
  • confidence in communication skills to articulate the value of your research
  • sophistication of expression to take a legitimate and authoritative position

We facilitate ad-hoc workshops designed to introduce you to applicable frameworks and tools to help you develop your writing. Bring your own writing to the workshop to apply what is being learned.

How Writing Works: Structure and Flow*

Expert writers produce clear and persuasive texts by using rhetorical strategies – but what are rhetorical strategies and how do they work? This workshop introduces the concept of rhetorical moves to help deepen your understanding of how successful texts are structured and flow in your own discipline.

Confidence and Sophistication: Finding your Voice*

Finding your voice in academic writing can be challenging and complicated. This workshop introduces language and discourse strategies to help you project the confidence and sophistication of an expert.

*Workshop attendance can be credited to your HDR PD plan.

All workshops have the option of a personalised follow-up consultation. For more information, contact Mr. Daniel O’Sullivan or email [email protected]

Refine your knowledge of how language works, elevate your research and communication skills, and unlock your full academic potential with our HDR Grammar Masterclass. This Masterclass is tailored specifically for HDR/PhD students and is designed to help you achieve your academic and research goals by fine-tuning your language, grammar, and writing style.

Key benefits

  • Enhance Language Proficiency: Develop a deep understanding of language intricacies to elevate the quality of your writing.
  • Boost Grammatical and Stylistic Awareness: Learn how to write with precision, coherence, and elegance.
  • Principled Writing Choices: Gain insights into making informed choices in your writing to strengthen communication.
  • Effective Self-Evaluation: Acquire the tools to assess and improve your own writing.
  • Feedback Decoding: Learn how to interpret and act upon feedback effectively for continuous improvement.
  • Confidence Building: Gain confidence in expressing your research and ideas with clarity and impact.

Course details and schedules

The HDR Grammar Masterclass comprises:

  • 4 x 90-minute sessions
  • Completion of weekly activities (min. 2 hours)

Attendance at all sessions is required to fully benefit from the insights offered.  

Participation in these workshops may be counted as part of Professional Development for PhD/MPhil candidates.

Weeks Workshop TopicDayDate, Time and Venue

4-week course

HDR Grammar Masterclass - to register, please scan this QR code

Monday or Friday

Monday sessions - 20th, 27th November, 4th, 11th December 2023, 4.00 – 5.30 PM, Blackboard


Repeat Friday sessions - 24th November, 1st, 8th & 15th December 2023, 4.00 – 5.30 PM, Blackboard

[register on or before 17th November, 10 AM, SGT]

For late registration, cancellation, and inquiries, contact Daniel O’Sullivan at [email protected]

Students seeking guidance on their research writing are encouraged to contact Learning Centre through [email protected]

Students can arrange a face-to-face consultation with a learning advisor by sending an email to [email protected]

The Post-Entry Language Assessment (PELA) is an academic writing test that is designed to gauge the academic writing abilities of HDR candidates. The test helps the Graduate Research School (GRS) to understand how best to support candidates in developing their writing skills. Those who require assistance will receive targeted and flexible support tailored to their requirements.

  • work with the writing and reading that you are currently doing (it does not involve assignments or other unrelated work)
  • JCU Singapore peer writing support sessionsfacilitated by  Mr. Daniel O’Sullivan
  • face-to-face or online consultations

For more information, email [email protected]

The Academic Writing and Editing (AWE) course is delivered online and is facilitated by Dr. Liz Tynan. The course is available to all JCU HDR candidates as part of their flexible professional development program. Successful completion includes eight hours of class time (either face to face or on Collaborate), two hours of the AWE Candidate Conference, and up to two hours of individual editorial consultation.

  • up to two hours of individual editorial consultation available in JCU Singapore
  • face-to-face or online consultations

For more information, email [email protected]