Current Students Accommodation Housing Development Board Apartment (HDB)

Housing Development Board Apartment (HDB)

Housing Development Board Apartment (HDB)

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) is Singapore's public housing authority and a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development. (source)

Owners of HDB flats rent out either whole units or rooms at an affordable rate. This accommodation is suitable for students who have already collected their student passes and have arrived to Singapore, whose hostel contracts are about to expire, and who prefer government subsidized apartments.

We will assist by introducing appointed licensed property agents and to source out the preferred option and arrange for viewing of units. However, prior to engaging a property agent, students should be aware of the agents' responsibilities as per the Council of Estate Agents' regulations.

For a full coverage of Consumer Tips in Engaging A Salesperson (Property Agent), click here.

To check the validity of your property agent's CEA registration, you may log on to

Students need to be prepared for the following payments to be made in securing private HDB flats:

For 1 year lease and below:

  • One month's rental as deposit- refundable at end of lease.
  • 1st month's rental.
  • ½ to 1 month's rental - agent's commission.
  • Relevant stamp duty charges

For 2-year leases:

  • Two months' rental as deposit – refundable at the end of the lease.
  • First month's rental
  • Agent's commission equivalent to 1 month's rental
  • Relevant Stamp Duty charges

*Note: Agents' commission may be subjected to prevailing goods and services taxes.

Guide to average HDB Accommodation Rental (6 months to 1 year contract)

Master Bedroom: Monthly Rental (excluding GST)
Single Room S$ 800 - 1200
Twin Sharing S$ 400 - 600
Common Room Monthly Rental(excluding GST)
Single Room S$ 650 - 800
Twin Sharing S$ 325 - 400

*Note: The above rates are subjected to changes based on current market prices. These ranges are based on mere estimation and are not official established rental rates. Rental rates fluctuate depending on a variety of factors influencing the price.

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