Current Students Book Prizes for the year 2025

Book Prizes for the year 2025

Book Prizes for the year 2025

Book Prizes for Year 1 subjects

The Singapore campus of James Cook University is honoured and encouraged to be able to enjoy the strong support of industry partners and well-wishers who believe in scholarship and academic excellence via the award of Book Prizes for this academic year 2025.

As in the previous year, a Book Prize is awarded to the top performing student in a Year 1 subject each trimester that subject is offered. Each Book Prize comes with a Certificate and a $250 cash award (terms apply e.g the recipient of the award must remain a student at JCU, Singapore at the time of the award). The book prize (cash award) is awarded to a student who has obtained highest total aggregate marks for the subject. The subject lecturer will nominate the recipient if there is a tie. Campus Dean’s decision is final without an appeal process. Information on the award ceremony will be provided to awardees in the following trimester via their JCU email ID.

We are therefore pleased to announce that Book Prizes for the following Year 1 subjects, all of which kindly sponsored by FLYWIRE shall be available this Academic Year 2025.

  1. BS1007:03 Introduction to Biodiversity
  2. BU1002:03 Accounting for Decision Making
  3. BU1003:03 Principles of Economics
  4. BU1007:03 Principles of Data Analysis for Business
  5. BU1104:03 Introduction to Management Concepts and Application
  6. BU1105:03 Business Communication
  7. BU1108:03 Marketing Matters
  8. BU1112:03 Business Law
  9. CP1401:03 Fundamentals of Problem Solving and Programming I
  10. CP1402:03 Internet Fundamentals
  11. CP1403:03 Design Thinking
  12. CP1404:03 Programming II
  13. CP1406:03 Web Design and Development
  14. CP1409:03 Operating Systems and Shell Scripting
  15. CP1410:03 Cybersecurity and Cryptography Fundamentals
  16. EC1010 Foundations in Microeconomics
  17. EC1020 Foundations in Macroeconomics
  18. ED1401:03 Education Perspectives and Practice
  19. ED1411:03 Science and Sustainability in Education
  20. ED1421:03 Foundations of Language and Literacy in Education
  21. ED1439:03 Early Childhood Education and Care 1
  22. ED1440:03 Technologies for Early Childhood Education
  23. ED1443:03 Early Childhood Arts Education
  24. ED1481:03 Educational Psychology: Learners and Learning
  25. ED1492:03 Teaching Mathematics and Numeracy in Primary and Early Childhood Settings
  26. EV1005:03 Environmental Processes and Global Change
  27. EV1011:03 Introduction to Sustainability
  28. MA1020:03 Preparatory Mathematics
  29. PY1101:03 Exploring Psychology: From Brain to Practice
  30. PY1102:03 Exploring Psychology: From Perception to Reality
  31. PY1103:03 Critical Thinking in Psychology: How to Think About Weird Things
  32. PY1106:03 Communicating Psychology: Listening, Translating & Disseminating
  33. SC1101:03 Science, Technology and Truth
  34. SC1102:03 Modelling Natural Systems

The award decision shall be made by JCUS based on established criteria, and the decision is final.
We once again thank our kind sole sponsor Flywire