As the needs for Singapore economy continue to evolve, so must the model for education institutions to provide students with a competitive edge in tomorrow's workforce.

Graduating students are strongly encouraged to contact our Career Advisory Centre to arrange for an individual career counselling session at Block C, Student Hub for advice with regards to writing & refining resumes, career path, and prospective employer information.

Career consultation is an impartial and confidential session aimed at helping students plan their career path after graduation. The Career Advisory Centre is made available to all students to facilitate a smooth & effective transition from education to employment.

We can assist in:

- Resume writing
- Career counselling
- Job search strategies
- Career workshops

To book a career consultation, please email to [email protected]

Additional Resources

Embark on your career journey by reading up on career development, skills mastery, and job search strategies below.

- Find out more about your personality type, strengths and weaknesses, how you manage your relationships and possible career paths after completing a free personality test:

- A one-stop portal that enables Singaporeans of all ages to make informed learning and career choices, so that they can pursue their skills and career development throughout their lives:

- Try these job search strategies to get your resume noticed, ace your interviews, and score job offers:

Discover the right job for you with the following job sites.

- JCU online careerhub
- LinkedIn
- JobStreet
- Careers@Gov

Volunteering can be a good way to gain experience, learn new skills, make new contacts and obtain a reference.

Join a club here:

Here's how to include referees inside your resume.

- Be sure to request permission of your referees before you nominate them in your job application.
- Keep your referees informed – they need to know what you are applying for so that they are prepared when an employer contacts them to find out more about you.
- Your current/most recent Supervisor/Manager is preferred. An Academic referee may also be suitable. Avoid personal referees.
- If possible, use Singaporean referees for a Singapore based job.
- If using an overseas referee we recommend email contact only.

A resume is the first thing a potential employer will ask for when you start the job application process. A well put together resume is your opportunity to highlight all your past experiences and skills. It allows you to demonstrate that you would work well in the role and  that you would have what it takes to be a good employee. So let's get started.



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