HomeyDays @ St. Francis Court

HomeyDays @ St. Francis Court

  • HomeyDays @ St. Francis Court

Website: www.homeydays.com

The rooms available are Twin Sharing Common Room, Twin Sharing Master Room, Single Common Room and Single Master Room.

It is also a short distance to some amenities that provide the convenience for residents who need quick access to food, shopping and leisure activities.

Room TypeMonthly Rent per Room
Single Master Bedroom (Attached Bathroom)$2000
Single Common Bedroom (Shared Bathroom) $1300-$1600
Twin Sharing Master Bedroom (Attached Bathroom)
(Only applicable if students come in pair)
Twin Sharing Common Bedroom (Shared Bathroom)
(Only applicable if students come in pair)


Kindly note that the pictures shown are for illustration purposes only, and the layout and type of furniture provided in each room might differ due to replacement or rearrangement.

Service Standards for accommodation providers

Our accommodation providers must meet benchmark standards set by the University relating to all aspects of accommodation services.

Rooms Include
Study table
Additional Services/Facilities
Induction Cooker