Research Research Participation Program

Research Participation Program

Research Participation Program

Research participation activities range from completing interviews or online surveys to experimental research (e.g, completing computer-based tasks) conducted in our research laboratories or in other locations.

The JCU research participation program provides psychology students enrolled in core undergraduate subjects (i.e., PY1101, PY1102) experiential opportunities to participate in research while at the same time contributing data for a range of projects. Students enrolled in these subjects constitute the Psychology Student Research Participation Pool (PSRPP), which is accessible only to psychology staff and student researchers. Research credit points allocated in SONA only apply to the PSRPP.

However, research participants often find the learning experience of participating in research studies rewarding, and all JCU Singapore students are welcome to participate provided they meet the specific eligibility criteria for individual studies (research credit will not apply for anyone outside the PSRPP).

JCU uses the SONA research management system to connect researchers with participants and to manage the recording of research credit points for eligible researchers.

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Access the JCU SONA system

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For more information on the research participation program or SONA, please contact the Administrator for JCU Singapore: [email protected]

For Participants

A guide for using the SONA system as a participant can be downloaded here

Participants are eligible for a fixed number of credits depending on the subject(s) enrolled:

Module Credit Eligibility
PY1101 20 credits 
PY1102 20 credits 

JCU makes a distinction between online studies and on-site studies (i.e., studies conducted in a laboratory or classroom), and credits are awarded accordingly:

Type of Study Credit Calculation
Online study 1 credit / 15 minutes of participation
On-site study 2 credits / 15 minutes of participation

For Researchers

Research Participation Program

To upload a study to the JCU SONA system, researchers need to send the following documents to the Administrator.
No. Documents Comments
1 Research Participation Program Download form here
2 Recruitment Poster Download template here
3 Ethics approval letter Obtained from Ethics Committee
4 Information sheet As in ethics application
5 Informed consent form (if any) As in ethics application

Researchers who need laboratory space to conduct studies should fill up this form and send it to the Psychology Laboratory Technician: [email protected]. Classroom bookings for research purposes can be made via the JCU Singapore Facilities booking system .

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