Research Participation Program

Research   Research Participation Program

The research participation program in JCU allows researchers to collect data for their research and provides students enrolled in psychology undergraduate core modules (i.e., PY1101, PY1102, PY2103, and PY2107) the opportunity to participate in research.

JCU uses the SONA system to manage the research participation program. The system can be accessed here. Posters of research studies can be found here.

For more information on the research participation program or SONA, please contact:

Suriyah Mohd Razip
SONA Administrator (James Cook University, Singapore campus)

For Participants

A guide for using the SONA system as a participant can be downloaded here

Participants are eligible for a fixed number of credits depending on the module(s) enrolled:

Module Credits Eligible
PY1101 20 credits (5% of module grade)
PY1102 20 credits (5% of module grade)
PY2103 12 credits (3% of module grade)
PY2107 12 credits (3% of module grade)

JCU makes a distinction between online studies and on-site studies (i.e., studies conducted in a laboratory or classroom), and credits are awarded accordingly:

Type of Study Credits Calculation
Online study 1 credit / 15 minutes of participation
On-site study 2 credits / 15 minutes of participation

For Researchers

The orientation schedules for the SONA system can be found below. Interested researchers are encouraged to attend the orientations (no RSVP required).

In addition to the SONA system, JCU has purchased licenses from Qualtrics (to collect survey data online) and Inquisit (to collect reaction time data online).

Researchers who wish to use either of the aforementioned systems should email the following documents to the Research Pool Coordinator and cc their supervisor and the relevant lab manager (if applicable). Approval should take no more than one working day.

No. Documents Comments
1 Research Participation Program Download form here
2 Poster Download template here
3 Ethics approval letter Obtained from Ethics Committee
4 Information sheet Same forms used in ethics application
5 Informed consent form (if any) Same forms used in ethics application

Relevant Guides
Guide to Using Qualtrics for Data Collection
Guide to Integrating Qualtrics with the SONA system
Guide to using Inquisit for Data Collection
Guide to Classrooms and Research Labs