Research Human Ethics Applications

Human Ethics Applications

Human Ethics Applications

[Researchers should refer to details of mandatory training:]

Researchers are responsible for making themselves familiar with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research, which is available for download. While all relevant sections of the statement should be reviewed when preparing an ethics application for each project, the JCU Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) recommends that researchers pay particular attention to SECTION 3: ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS IN THE DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, REVIEW AND CONDUCT OF RESEARCH.

Closing Dates for Ethics Applications

These are the dates when applications are processed by the HREC. Please pay attention to the Closing Dates for Human Ethics Advisors to allow sufficient time for review prior to submission to the HREC.

Closing Dates for Submission of Human Ethics Applications

For more information about Human Ethics, please click here.

Human Ethics Advisors at JCU Singapore

Research AreaAdvisorCollegeEmailExt
Information Technology Dr Randy Zhu Science & Engineering (Singapore) [email protected] 67093726
Tourism & Business Dr Adrian Bradshaw Business, Law & Governance (Singapore) [email protected] 64562055
Social Sciences and Human Relations Dr Sherry Aw Healthcare Sciences (Singapore) [email protected] 67093023
Social Sciences and Human Relations Dr Lidia Suarez Healthcare Sciences (Singapore) [email protected] 67093732
Social Sciences and Human RelationsA/Prof Maria HennessyHealthcare Sciences, Psychology (Singapore)[email protected]67093764


Application AreaFormatSend to
Information Technology Application and appendices in one .doc file [email protected]
Tourism & Business Application and appendices in one .doc file [email protected]
Social Sciences and Human Relations
  • Applicant(s) will need to download the relevant forms (see Forms below). After they complete the forms, all the documents (ethics application and appendices, etc.) must be submitted in ONE file as a Word Document and in softcopy. The word document must be submitted to the JCUS academic office [email protected] (Attn: Ms. Neesha Shinde). Please note that applicants from Singapore DO NOT have to send soft copies to Ethics Office at JCU Australia.
  • The Ethics advisor(s) will review the application (i.e., the word document) and give feedback to the applicant(s) in the Ethics Advisor review section. The applicant(s) will highlight the amendments in yellow and respond in the Principal Investigator response to Ethics Advisor review section. Then the applicant(s) will convert the word document into PDF, sign the PDF (see below on how to do the signature), and submit it to JCUS academic office [email protected] (Attn: Ms. Neesha Shinde), indicating this is a second submission of the same ethics application.
  • Please name your document using the same format throughout (e.g., “Surname_Name.doc and “Surname_Name_.pdf”).
Attention: Ms Neesha Shinde [email protected]

Additional Information

Your signature:

Please use a digital signature (or manually sign the application).
Alternatively, you can create your own pdf digital signature, which looks like this:

digital signature sample

To create a pdf digital signature, download the last version of Adobe reader and follow the instructions here.

Your supervisor(s) signature(s):

Your supervisor(s) may use a pdf digital signature. If your supervisor(s) has no pdf digital signature, get his or her manual signature on paper. Afterwards, scan the whole document into a pdf file.

Digital signatures that have been “cut and pasted” will not be accepted.

Closing Ethics for Psychology Students

When you submit your thesis, please submit a hardcopy of the Report Form Human Research Ethics to Ms Neesha Shinde at [email protected] database.


Click the link below to download relevant form(s)

Human Ethics > Forms and Downloads