Attendance & Insurance

Attendance & Insurance

Attendance Requirement

All international students holding a valid Student Pass are required to meet the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) requirement of 90% Class and Campus attendance. International Students are required to be on campus from Monday to Friday (except Trimester breaks and Public Holidays) for a minimum of three (3) hours daily as per ICA’s regulations.

In the Student’s Pass application form (V36A), Students must not fail to attend classes for a continuous period of seven (7) days or more without any valid reason and would not have a percentage of attendance less than 90% in any month of the course without any valid reasons. The University will inform ICA monthly if students failed to meet the requirements. Student’s Pass may be cancelled or no further renewal will be granted to the student.

All Domestic students are required to meet the attendance requirement of 75%. The Campus Dean will be notified monthly if a student falls below the attendance requirement. Students may be barred from examinations should they fail to meet the attendance requirement.

Attendance is recorded through the Biometric Fingerprint machines.

International students recording their Campus Attendance should only use the Biometric Fingerprint machines located at the following locations:

  • Main Gate
  • Entrance of Student Hub (Block C)
  • Lift (First floor)

The latest tap-in timing is 3pm while the latest tap-out timing is 6pm. All students recording their Class attendance should only use the Biometric Fingerprint machines located in each classrooms. The window period of tap-in is 30 minutes, 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the allocated class timing. (E.g. If class starts at 9am, students are required to tap between 8.45am and 9.15am). If student taps outside of the window period, they will be marked as Absent. Students are not required to tap-out from classes.

Campus attendance is not required for all International Students till further notice.

In lieu of Campus attendance, Class attendance will be required and monitored through online learning. Face-to-face class attendance will be taken by lecturer/tutors.

Attendance will be shown on StudentFirst only 2 weeks after the class. Do not refer to the attendance in LearnJCU. As attendance records for online classes comes from JCU Australia, consolidation of data across multiple systems would take time.

In circumstances where students are unable to attend classes or fulfill their Campus attendance, students can submit a Class Leave application through StudentFirst:, subjected to the approval of the Associate Director, Student Affairs.

Students can submit Class Leave application based on Medical and Compassion reasons with appropriate supporting documentations for the applied leave.

In line with best practice, the University only accepts Medical Certificates issued by Doctors and Dentists registered with the Singapore Medical Council and the Singapore Dental Council.

For enquiries pertaining to Attendance, please email

Medical Insurance

  • The University provides the medical insurance to our students, coverage includes hospitalization, surgery and treatment costs.
  • Students under 21 years old would require Parent / Guardian consent and signature when claiming for insurance.
  • The average processing time for insurance claim is between six (6) to eight (8) weeks from the date of submission of the required documentations
  • Access to appropriate details and forms can be accessed here.
  • Terms and conditions for Medical Insurance can be found in the Product Summary
  • Hospitalization and Accident Coverage through this link.
  • FAQ
  • For the latest Medical Insurance Coverage please refer here