Current Students The Dean's List: Recognising Academic Excellence

The Dean's List: Recognising Academic Excellence

The Dean's List: Recognising Academic Excellence

SP53 2021 Dean's List Recipients Group Photo (SP53 2021 Dean’s List recipients with staff from James Cook University in Singapore)

James Cook University values excellence and recognizes that knowledge has the power to change lives. One of the biggest accomplishments for a student in James Cook University in Singapore is to be placed on the Dean’s List. The Dean’s List is an honorary roll assigned to top students who have obtained a high level of scholarship.

Getting on the Dean’s List is a great personal achievement and requires hard work and determination. James Cook University hopes that the Dean’s List students find ongoing success as they work towards their academic and career goals. At the same time, may students of James Cook University continue to strive for exceptional performance.

Criteria for the Dean’s List award:

Every trimester, students that meet the following criteria will be invited to be on the Dean’s List:

  1. No outstanding results from the previous trimester, and
  2. A Course Grade Point Average (GPA) that places the student in the top 2% of their cohort (at least one student in every course*), or
  3. A Course GPA of 6.5 or higher

*Note that some courses are combined for the calculation of Course GPA. See FAQs below.


1. My result for the last trimester is all Ds and HDs, why am I not included the Dean’s List?

Dean’s list is based on Course GPA, not Trimester GPA.

2. What are the courses that are combined for the calculation of Course GPA?

The following courses are combined under one course for the calculation of Course GPA:
i.   Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) and Graduate Diploma of Psychology
ii.  Master of Psychological Science (Majoring in Business Psychology) and Graduate Certificate of Psychological Science
iii. Master of Information Technology - Master of Business Administration, Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management - Master of Business Administration

3. Are there any courses that are not eligible for invitation to be on the Dean’s List?

The following courses are not eligible:
i.   Non-Award
ii.  James Cook University Study Abroad Program
iii. Pre-University Foundation Program Extended
iv. English Language Preparatory Program
v.  Postgraduate Qualifying Program – Business

4. I cannot attend the Dean’s List ceremony; how can I collect my Dean’s List certificate? Can you mail my Dean’s List certificate to my house country?

Please contact Suriyati at [email protected]

Photos of the Dean’s List award ceremony from past cohorts: