EMAS Peer Tutors

EMAS Peer Tutors

EMAS Peer Tutoring Program


Prefer asking help from a senior?

Come to EMAS, the peer tutoring program of James Cook University Singapore.

EMAS means ‘gold’ in the Malay language.

Peer tutors are selected from students who have done well in their studies.

EMAS runs in Collaborate in LearnJCU from Week 2 to Week 9 every study period.

It is open to all James Cook University Singapore students.

For peer tutoring help in Information Technology subjects, please go to https://discord.gg/hy2bmkSa8k and login with your JCU email address. Email Prudence Tan at prudence.tan@my.jcu.edu.au if you cannot login.

Can’t make it for the peer tutoring sessions?
Need guidance and help in English and academic writing?
Submit your requests for ad-hoc sessions at http://jcu.sg/emasrequest or scan the QR code below.

Subject to peer tutor availability, the requests will be attended to within 2-3 working days.

There are currently no scheduled sessions, but we encourage you to check this page from time to time for updates.