Current Students You said it. We did it.

You said it. We did it.

You said it. We did it.

Students – your voices are both valued and heard at the Singapore campus of James Cook University. We take student feedback seriously, and we act on them to constantly improve and optimise the learning experience. As we continue to work together, we want to let you know what we’ve done to address your concerns.

You said it!DateWe did it!Date
Consistent and transparent charges
at Mala stall
SP52 2023 The Mala stall has replaced the weighing scale to a double-sided display which allows both staff and students to view the the weight of food items during the charging process. SP52 2023
Expanding seating areas SP51 2023 We have successfully added more than 100 seats at the courtyard, Block A, and new seating space at the open field between Block A and E. SP53 2023
Additional Study
SP51 2023 We have successfully converted the corridor spaces @ Block C Level 2 to 4 into student corners for self-study. SP52 2023

You said it!DateWe did it!Date
Replace yoga mats SP52 2023 New yoga mats have been acquired to replace the previous ones SP52 2023
Increase hooks in shower room SP52 2023 Additional hooks have been added to the shower rooms SP52 2023

If you wish to provide suggestions/feedback, share it with us on our JCU Student Feedback Portal