Current Students You said it. We did it.

You said it. We did it.

You said it. We did it.

Students – your voices are both valued and heard at the Singapore campus of James Cook University. We take student feedback seriously, and we act on them to constantly improve and optimise the learning experience. As we continue to work together, we want to let you know what we’ve done to address your concerns.

You said it!DateWe did it!Date
Students requested for more subjects (AN3006, PY1101 (evening), PY2106 (Evening), LB5234, TO5202, MA1020) to be available for SP52 2020 enrolments. SP52 2020 Enrolment Period The University immediately worked on this to make it available for enrolments in SP52 2020. All students who requested are now enrolled in it. SP52 2020 Enrolment Period
Students requested that the Sanction on LearnJCU to be lifted in week 2 of the trimester when the sanction was placed due to non-payment of tuition fees. 24 July 2020 The University immediately looked into the matter and the next day the sanction was lifted even though it was a weekend. It was decided to be placed on week 4 (on census day) of the trimester. 25 July 2020
Clubs and society meetings are not effective when held virtually 17 April 2020 The Office of Campus Activities met with the Student Council to explore alternatives to virtual meetings that clubs could utilise for future discussions. It is agreed to continue club meetings online until further notice. Participants are recommended to enable their cameras during virtual meetings to enhance their experience during these sessions.

Club members may contact the Office of Campus Activities at if they require additional support in managing club meetings or share their feedback.
12 May 2020
Mental health issues arising from stress of studying alone 17 April 2020 The JCU Singapore Counselling Team is conducting several online workshops from 24 April 2020. Counselling sessions are open by appointment every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday starting on 27 April 2020. Students can write to to set up an appointment. An email has been sent to all students with the details. 24 April 2020
Additional preparation required before delivering online lectures 17 April 2020 The Learning Centre’s Learning Advisors and Peer Tutors provide support with study skills, self-management tips and strategies for learning, reading, writing, maths and statistics via the Learning Centre. 23 April 2020
Issues with the grading system 17 April 2020 Email was sent from Campus Dean to all students on 17 April to advise:
  1. Students can apply for change in results type (grade to non-grade and vice versa) after release of SP51 results.
  2. A major decision has been to waive N, U, and WF results, supported by a non-GPA system in foundational years (typically, Level 1 & 2 coded subjects), and to offer flexibility to students in coded If a subjects at Level 3 and above.
17 April 2020
Difficulties communicating with lecturer/tutor 14 April 2020 Lecturers have set up virtual office hours in site contacts so that you have the opportunity to make one-on-one appointments to discuss matters.

Lecturers are recapping relevant information, and been providing a heads-up for what's coming up so that you can better manage your time and prioritise tasks.

The Learning Centre offers discussion forums jointly facilitated by Academic staff, Peer Tutors and Learning Advisors, where you can post your queries, comments, reflections and ideas.
14 April 2020
Inconsistent layout of LearnJCU subject sites makes it difficult to navigate / Difficulties to navigate the online Learning Environment 10 April 2020 100% audit of LearnJCU subject sites was conducted and our lecturers and academics have updated their spaces to ensure a consistent layout, and reorganised their subject sites so that content is aligned accordingly. 20 April 2020
Lack of clarity regarding exams and grading 25 March 2020 DVC student advisory informed students to complete any required assessment online via LearnJCU. 23 March 2020
Exams Office, LearnJCU support and the Learning Centre developed a set of FAQ to guide and support students with online assessment and grading, and to advise teaching staff. 11 May 2020
Problematic attendance taking 24 March 2020 Session attendance reports based on log files are released on a weekly basis. The data informs support with technical issues. A review process was established to assist students with connectivity issues. 6 April 2020
Poor connectivity 18 March 2020 Connection to LearnJCU was re-routed through a direct dedicated VPN tunnel to reduce network hops and latency. 19 March 2020
Real-time support is provided for teaching staff and students to assist in a range of strategies to improve video and audio quality of Collaborate sessions. 23 March 2020

You said it!DateWe did it!Date
Cashless payment SP51 2018 Electronic payment has been implemented at all stores in canteen and bookstore. SP51 2018
Instructions on printing stations SP52 2018 We looked into this immediately and instructions are now clearly displayed on all printing stations. SP52 2018
Uneven basketball court floorings SP51 2019 The basketball courts have been successfully resurfaced with a new look for the safety of all students. SP51 2019
Wider food options SP51 2021 Additional food option such as Taste Asia - Frozen Halal Muslim Bento Set has been introduced. SP52 2021

You said it!DateWe did it!Date
Weak WiFi signal from canteen to Student Hub SP52 2018 Issue was immediately looked at and WiFi signal is now stronger. SP52 2018
Upgrade of Apple TV SP52 2021 The Apple TV rooms have been upgraded. Students can now access even with non-Apple devices. SP52 2021
LearnJCU connectivity in China SP52 2021 Alibaba VPN service has been provided to allow students from China to connect to LearnJCU seamlessly. SP52 2021

You said it!DateWe did it!Date
Accommodation address for entry approval application SP53 2020 An accommodation address is a piece of required information in the Entry Approval Application. To prevent students from the possibility of suffering huge amount of monetary loss if their Entry Approval application is rejected, Campus Activities has requested our appointed accommodation providers to adjust their reservation methods during this period. SP53 2020
Virtual campus tour SP52 2021 We have sucessfully created a virtual campus tour video and it is now introduced in the orientation programmes for all new students. SP52 2021
Cultural diversity 2014 We have now 8 cultural clubs in JCU Singapore, and these clubs organize various events on campus to introduce their cultures to international students. Present
Convenient gym booking system SP51 2021 A gym booking system has been developed on JCU website. With the new booking system, gym members can now book, view, and delete their timeslots anytime. SP52 2021

You said it!DateWe did it!Date
Resume writing SP51 2021 Automated resume builder to be embedded to Student Careers Website by November 2021 November 2021
Internship opportunities for International Students SP51 2021 Internship opportunities for all students (including international students) at JCU Singapore have been increased as the University has signed MOUs with partners which have agreed to take in our graduating students. SP51 2021

You said it!DateWe did it!Date
Access to online forms SP52 2021 Application for Leave of Absence form, Deferment form, and Withdrawal form, are now available for online submission. Students will be automatically notified once their applications are approved/rejected. SP52 2021

If you wish to provide suggestions/feedback, share it with us on our JCU Student Feedback Portal