Graduate Employment Survey

Graduate Employment Survey

Singapore campus of James Cook University graduates are known to be confident, practical and steadfast. We conduct regular Graduate Employment Survey and present the results in this section to help both employers and graduates access employability as well as to provide data to which helps the career counsellors to better advise and assist graduands and graduates.

Graduate Employment Survey

Here are the results of the GES from:

2021 - Graduate Employment Survey
2021 - Employers' Survey

2020 - Graduate Employment Survey
2020 - Employers' Survey

2019 - Graduate Employment Survey (Second wave)
2019 - Graduate Employment Survey (First wave)
2019 - Employers' Survey

2018 - Wave 4 Report
2018 - Wave 3 Report

2018 - Wave 2 Report

2017 - Wave 1 Report

Career Advisory Centre
Block C, Student Hub

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[email protected]

The Career Advisory Centre conducts regular informative employability workshops to assist students in gaining essential job search skills.

The topics available are:

CVs and cover letters
Learn how to construct a successful CV and accompanying introduction letter.

Effective job hunting
Explore different methods of job search and how to use them with confidence.

Interview skills
Gain valuable information about different interview situations and develop positive interview technique.