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Associate Professor Roberto Dillon

Associate Professor Roberto Dillon

Associate Professor Roberto Dillon

Academic Head Science and Technology | Associate Professor Information Technology


  • M.Eng. (Electrical Engineering), 1992-1999: University of Genoa
  • Ph.D. (Computer Engineering), 2001-2004: University of Genoa

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Dr. Roberto Dillon is the author of several well received game related books published by AKPeters, CRC Press and Springer ("On the Way to Fun", "The Golden Age of Video Games", "Ready: a Commodore 64 Retrospective", "HTML5 Game Development from the Ground-Up with Construct 2" and “2D to VR with Unity 5 and Google Cardboard”) and was invited to speak at the most important game conferences around the world (GDC, GameConnection, Casual Connect, Develop, GMGC, KGC etc.)

He is active both as an indie developer and as an academic in the field of game design and development. His games have been showcased at events like Sense of Wonder Night in Tokyo, FILE Games in Rio de Janeiro and the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect Asia besides reaching top positions on Apple's App Store and Google Play across several countries and categories. 

He is currently an Associate Professor at James Cook University lecturing game design and project management classes. Over there in 2013 he founded, and directed since then, the very first Museum of Video and Computer Games in South East Asia. Before joining JCU, he was the Chair of the Game Software Design and Production Department at DigiPen Singapore, teaching a variety of courses ranging from Games History to Game Mechanics, with his students gaining top honours at competitions like the IGF both in San Francisco and Shanghai.

Roberto was also featured in the documentary “Inside the Storm, Season 2 Episode 4: Nintendo”, aired on Channel News Asia, in several reports on TV news (Italian TG5, Leonardo, TG3 etc.) and newspaper published in Singapore (Straits Times, Today, ZaoBao), Italy (Corriere della Sera, Il Sole 24 Ore, il Secolo XIX, La Stampa etc.) and USA (USA Today).

Research Interests

Formal models for game analysis and design, experimental game mechanics, serious games (training, education, rehabilitation), videogame history, analysis of emotional content in interactive digital media.