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Mr. Michael James Joyce

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Mr. Michael James Joyce

Teacher Learning Support Programs


  • Master of Education 2009 - 2011: Temple University
  • Bachelor of Arts (Media & Society) 1994–1999: University of San Francisco


Mike began teaching English in 2001. Since then, he has taught in Los Angeles, Okayama, Tokyo, and Singapore. After working for several years at Waseda University in Japan, he moved to James Cook. He provides teaching and learning support for students who need assistance with their English, and helps them prepare for the rigors of an Australian education.

Mike is in charge of JCUS’s English Club, a hybrid space that serves as classroom, consultation room and fun zone. He runs a variety of programs designed to meet students’ specific educational needs, and therefore is constantly in the process of adapting the material to achieve this. He enjoys meeting the challenge of figuring out what more students need and trying to help them elevate their learning.

Research Interests

Mike’s research interests include extensive reading, the role of copying in language acquisition, and the effects of anxiety on the learning process.