Dr. K Thirumaran

Dr. K Thirumaran

Dr. K Thirumaran

Academic Head, Business | Associate Professor, Business


  • PhD - National University of Singapore
  • MA - University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
  • Graduate Studies - Oxford University, UK
  • Graduate Studies - University of Iowa, USA
  • BSc & MA - Indiana State University, USA

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Thiru is in a team of talented scholars and lecturers specializing in Business, Tourism, Environmental Science, IT and Aquaculture and Urban Planning and Design. The mission of the university academic group is to make a difference in the lives of people through graduates where our reputation rests not only on the quality of programs but also in the delivery of meaningful impact to the community in the tropics.

Thiru’s teaching specialization is in tourism. Both his undergraduate and postgraduate students can expect very engaging and active learning sessions. Most classes involve excursion options, group seminar style discussion and learning in a Socratic style lectures.

He has been successful mentoring students and continues to nurture alumnus in their current career and private enterprises. One such student has established an ecotourism attraction in Kerala while another has worked in several hotel management positions in Vietnam and currently works as an advisor for a consulate. Many more similar alumnus’ career narratives reflect the close interaction between Thiru and his students.

His research interest is varied but is developing specializations in cultural and luxury tourism. Thiru coined the term ‘affinity tourism.’ Affinity tourism refers to the propensity of guests to partake in the ‘familiar’ and ‘similar’ cultural experiences while at a destination. See, Thirumaran, K. (2009). “Renewing bonds in an age of Asian travel: Indian tourists in Bali,” in Tim Winter, Peggy Teo and T.C. Chang, eds. Asia on Tour, p.127-137. New York: Routledge. He volunteers his time as an editorial board member in several different academic journals and attends numerous MICE events with his students to acquaint them with the industry.

An avid debater during his school days, Thiru organizes the annual campus debate competition for students.  Aside from his academic pursuits, he enjoys swimming, bowling, and dragon boating.