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Associate Professor Lucy Tan

Associate Professor Lucy Tan

Associate Professor Lucy Tan

Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), The University of Queensland, Australia, 2013
  • Postgraduate Applied Clinical Psychology, Massey University, New Zealand. 1993
  • Master of Psychology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, 1989

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Dr Lucy Tan has worked as a Clinical Psychologist and an Academic in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore, with skills in individual and family therapy across the life span. Her research has focused on improving our understanding of the ways in which mental health conditions develop and the mechanisms of change processes in the treatment of these conditions. She held senior managerial appointments in Queensland Health, Australia and Psychology Clinic Director in Australian Catholic University, Brisbane. In addition, she has served as assessor for the Psychology Board of Australia and Clinical Advisor for the Office of Health Ombudsman and The University of Queensland, School of Medicine – Psychiatry division. Bridging the evidence-practice divide that exists is also an area of research passion, such as exploring factors influencing work readiness of clinical psychology graduates and the transfer of knowledge to real-world clinical practice applications; thus, making her a true clinician-researcher.

Lucy’s research has won her several prestigious awards (e.g., The Australian Prime Minister’s Endeavour Award and The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Wales, U.K.).  Lucy is also an accredited Family Court of Australia Report Writer; a credentialed Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Association (AHPRA), Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA). Her commercialised research, Taming the Adolescent Mind©  -  an evidence-based program for enhancing attentional training in Adolescents has been implemented in Youth Mental Health services across Australia and Hong Kong. She has established University Clinical Psychology Student-led clinics in major hospitals in both public and private health sectors, delivered training to Family Court judical officers and has been involved in Child and Youth Mental Health services redesigns.

Research Interests

  • Adolescent health and development
  • Early intervention and promotion of mental fitness and health with clinical and community; therapy and research program and evaluation
  • Emotional regulation and distress tolerance
  • Transdisciplinary applications and implementation science to influence policy and systems