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Professor Dean Jerry

Professor Dean Jerry

Professor Dean Jerry

Director, Tropical Futures Institute


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Animal Genetics), Southern Cross University, 1998
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours 1a), University of New England, 1994

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Professor Dean Jerry is a Professor in Aquaculture and the Director of the Tropical Futures InstituteJames Cook University, Singapore and the two Australian Research Council Hubs for ARC Research Hub for Advanced Prawn Breeding and Supercharging Tropical Aquaculture through Genetic Solutions.

Professor Jerry is globally known for his work in aquaculture, with his primary area of research focus and expertise in the application of genetic technologies to the improvement of farmed aquatic species. He has worked with over 12 aquaculture species over the last 18 years and over this time has built a large internationally recognised research team which has been instrumental in the development of genetic tools and knowledge to inform selective breeding programs for numerous tropical farmed species. He recently has also built a team in the area of aquatic animal health and established a pathogen testing facility at JCU. Professor Jerry has acquired $41+ million of external funding, the majority linked to industry co-funded projects, and published 150+ scientific articles in the area of aquaculture and genetics.

As a strong advocate for the role aquaculture will play in securing humanity's future protein needs, Professor Jerry is always interested in hearing from people and companies who are seeking to conduct R&D leading to improved efficiencies in aquaculture production. He works with all types of companies from SMEs through to multi-national agribusinesses, as well as government.

Research Interests

  • Aquaculture
  • Genetics
  • Genomics
  • Selective breeding
  • Environmental DNA
  • Aquatic animal health