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Ms. Mahaletchumi Sivalingam

Ms. Mahaletchumi Sivalingam

Ms. Mahaletchumi Sivalingam

Learning Advisor, Degree Programs


  • Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance, Institute for Adult Learning, Singapore University of Social Sciences, 2024
  • Master of Applied Linguistics, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2021
  • Graduate Certificates in Educational Research, Reflective Practice and Second Language Acquisition, The Open University, United Kingdom, 2016
  • Master of Business Administration, Central Queensland University, Australia, 2002
  • Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 1999


Mahaletchumi has over 20 years of teaching experience in higher education at the National University of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Technology University, and Singapore University of Social Sciences. She has expertise in developing comprehensive curricula, assessments, and teaching materials. Her focus on writing and presenting in the disciplines, critical thinking, and communication skills have been pivotal in transferring writing knowledge from standalone modules to various undergraduate contexts, significantly boosting students' confidence in communicating disciplinary knowledge.  Additionally, she has played a significant role in developing curricula, conducting quality audits, training tutors, and designing resources in ESL, EAP, and ESP across various institutions.  In addition, her expertise encompasses training and development. She has developed interdisciplinary blended and e-learning business communication courses in Japan and the Philippines. Likewise, she has developed and conducted pedagogical training and designed e-teaching resources for schoolteachers in Russia. Her teaching excellence has been recognized with two awards at the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Research Interests

Mahaletchumi has been actively involved in longitudinal workplace learning research projects with the Institute for Adult Learning, resulting in co-authored papers and book chapters.  Her current research interests are aligned to:

  • Task-based teaching of communication skills for developing practical, real-world abilities;
  • Inquiry into teaching and learning in higher education for pedagogy, curriculum design and educational research;
  • Embedding language and communication skills in content teaching to develop students' linguistic abilities while they learn subject-specific material.