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Dr. Ghazalnaz Sharifonnasabi

Dr. Ghazalnaz Sharifonnasabi

Dr. Ghazalnaz Sharifonnasabi

Lecturer, Information Technology


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Computer Science, Taylor University
  • Master of Arts (Fine Arts), Science Technology and Sustainability, University of Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Education (Arts/Crafts), Business Information Technology, Staffordshire University

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Dr. Ghazalnaz Sharifonnasabi is currently teaching undergraduate and graduate courses at James Cook University. She has a number of articles in leading international journals and conferences as well as book chapters in Masters and Ph.D. She has also been a referee in some journals and a speaker in several conferences. She currently has several experiences teaching computer science courses before and during her Ph.D. In addition, SHe has several experiences in IT network management and web applications. Dr. Ghazelnaz also worked as a consultant with a Nivan company to develop and manage some web projects.

Dr. Ghazalnaz Sharifonnasabi in her educational history obtained her British Diploma in Computer and Information Technology from NCC Education and completed her bachelor's degree in Business Information Technology at Staffordshire  University  Malaysia with a dual degree, and her master's degree in Science Technology and Sustainability at the University of Malaysia. She received an advanced scholarship for her MS degrees. In 2018, she received a fully funded Vice Chancellor's Scholarship from Taylor University. She completed her PhD in three years of honours at Taylor University with a teaching career.

The research area and focus of her PhD thesis is bone age measurement with machine learning and artificial intelligence. The purpose of her research is refugees and asylum seekers, especially young people who unfortunately are wrongly prosecuted due to lack of documents and proof of age. Fortunately, she was able to patent her new bone age estimation methods with accurate results and is currently looking into the future of this project for global applications.

Research Interests

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Image Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Document Image Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Medical AI