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Mr. Brandon Tennakoon

Mr. Brandon Tennakoon

Mr. Brandon Tennakoon

Teacher, Foundation Program


  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) 2008 – 2012 (Part-time): SIM University
  • Diploma in TESOL 2006
  • Diploma in Electronics and Communication 1985 - 1988: Singapore Polytechnic


Mr Brandon Tennakoon has had a varied work experience which has enabled him to bring this experience into the lessons that he teaches.

He has worked in the broadcast industry as a video editor and broadcast product specialist as well as in the education industry moulding the minds of young people.

His interest in technology and his past work experience has enabled him to create an engaging learning environment for his students. These experiences have also equipped him with his administrative duties. He has also taught soft skills and IT related topics to both students and adults.