A Brighter Future Everything You Need to Know About Banking and Finance Degree Before You Enrol

Everything You Need to Know About Banking and Finance Degree Before You Enrol

Everything You Need to Know About Banking and Finance Degree Before You Enrol

Everything You Need to Know About Banking and Finance Degree Before You Enrol

The Bachelor of Commerce (Majoring in Banking and Finance) degree is a course that teaches essential skills and knowledge involved in managing money in all institutional settings.

It’s a program that will equip you with all the necessary info to secure a great position within the financial world. You’ll learn how to undergo advanced financial analysis to evaluate and understand the complexities of the banking and financial sector to manage money, grant credit, make investments, provide financial facilities and acquire capital.

With a banking and finance degree, you’ll be building on your knowledge of futures, derivatives, bonds, stocks, and other aspects that make the banking and finance industry such an important part of society.

You’ll be covering the ins and outs of the banking and financial sector, so if that sounds like something you’re interested in, it might be a great choice for you!

Why study a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in banking and finance?

A banking and finance degree will enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, develop your ethical values, cultivate a commercial mindset, help you understand project management and master critical thinking and problem solving.

Studying a Bachelor's Degree of Commerce (Majoring in Banking and Finance) includes a detailed examination of the banking system, as well as a general overview of the financial system.

You will learn how to analyse the activities, roles, and regulations of commercial and investment banks. As technological and financial innovation rapidly evolves, graduates with specialised knowledge in this area are highly sought after in the banking industry!

What skills will I learn with a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in banking and finance?

You’ll graduate from the Bachelor of Banking and Finance degree with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to ace a position in the financial world. Not only will you be developing some essential numerical and statistical skills, but you’ll also be getting to know how to communicate with clients, solve issues and generally make a positive impact on individuals and businesses wanting support in managing their money.

Some of the skills you’ll gain include:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem solving
  • Analytical skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Innovation
  • Management abilities
  • Communication
  • Knowledge of IT
  • Oral speaking skills
  • Decisiveness

Most importantly, you’ll graduate equipped with plenty of transferable skills! Hence, you’ll never feel pigeonholed into a single profession. Instead, you’ll develop a well-rounded set of skills that can be applied to a wide scope of different workplaces, industries and professions.

What are the potential career paths with a banking and finance degree?

Finance and banking jobs are always going to be in demand. We’ll always be using money and there’ll be a lot of people who need help managing, understanding and investing their money. That’s where you come in!

Once you graduate from the Bachelor of Commerce degree, you’ll be prepared and confident to land a position within the finance world and beyond! Some possible career paths include:

  • Financial markets broker
  • Loan officer
  • Financial analyst
  • Bank customer service officer
  • Financial planner
  • Finance manager
  • Company secretary
  • Business analyst
  • Marketing specialist
  • Mergers and acquisition adviser

You’ve got plenty of options! You could even commit to some further study to become an actuary, a teacher, or you could stick to academia!

You’ll be gaining knowledge that is sought after across all sorts of professions, industries and career paths. Essentially, you’ll be exploring the importance of a robust and efficient financial system that acts as the main foundations of an effective economy.

How long do you need to complete a Commerce degree?

Around the world, an undergraduate degree that makes use of the two-semester academic calendar typically takes three years. Of course, this is dependent on whether you're taking the degree on a full time or part-time basis.

However, at James Cook University, we have advanced from the typical two-semester system of the academic calendar. This gives rise to our trimester system, which expedites the learning pathway for students of our Bachelor of Commerce degree to just two years for full-time students.

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Published 8 Feb 2022