Events JCU Success Workshop (Do you have what it takes to be culturally intelligent (CI)?)

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Fri, 5 Aug 2022

JCU Success Workshop (Do you have what it takes to be culturally intelligent (CI)?)

When: 5 August 2022, 3pm -- 4pm
Location:Online Webinar


Is having IQ (Intellectual Quotient) not enough? Why do I need to be culturally intelligent (CI)?  How relevant is this domain or skill set in the 21st century working environment? In this discussion forum, let’s bring our experiences together to contemplate on this emotional quotient (EQ) that will enable us to be effective employees and manage the new world of work. This has implications for enhancing our human and leadership skills and management practices. In navigating the following areas, we hope to learn what it takes to be culturally intelligent in an increasingly complex, uncertain global environment:

1. Can cultural competence be learned/acquired or is it inherited?
2. How can I develop cultural readiness to be multi-cultural effective?
3. What attitudes, skills, and knowledge set make for a culturally competent person?
4. What are some strategies for effective cross-cultural communication within the workplace?

Speaker Profile

Dr Caroline WongDr. Caroline Wong
Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, Senior Lecturer in Business

Dr Caroline Wong is the Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching and a Senior Lecturer at James Cook University, Singapore. She completed her PhD in business at the Australian National University and the focus of her thesis is on managing the intangible resources and competencies that have increasingly become sources of competitive advantage in the creative cultural industries such as the film industry. Her teaching philosophy is grounded in a genuine interest in students’ learning and seeking constantly to make learning meaningful and enlarging the knowledge base of students.

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Photos and recording will be taken during the event for news and various publicity purposes.