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Thu, 8 Dec 2022

Personal and Professional Branding

When: 8 December 2022, 2pm to 3:30pm
Location:JCU Auditorium, C2-15


Projecting the right image in desired personal branding at different occasions is of paramount importance to one's success in a good first impression. Whether in life, at work, attending client-meetings or interviews, the right image presentation will enhance one’s presence & branding, leading one to higher success potential. From image grooming to personal hygiene, from colour analysis to body shape decoding, from dressing sharply to styling oneself.. all these will be shared in this course. Let award-winning Global Master Trainer & Celebrity Master Personal Branding Consultant Joshua Luke reveal to you all the techniques to go about doing all these in a power-packed workshop session with his unique strategised easy-learning methodology and the highly engaging and demonstrative elements in this training. Catering to both men and women, this is the art of personal branding in professional image projection for optimal corporate success! The contents have been adapted from one of Joshua Luke’s books - ‘Your Signature Image’.

At the end of the training programme, participants will

  • be aware of projecting in-person first impression positively, and its importance to successful personal branding in interview and work.
  • be equipped with the right skills to project a positive impression in person holistically

Speaker Profile

Joshua Luke

Mr Joshua Luke
Award-Winning Global Master Trainer, International Speaker & Celebrity Master Personal Branding Consultant: Coach Joshua Luke

Multiple-award winning Global Master Trainer Joshua Luke is an International Celebrity Master Personal Branding Consultant (as featured in Men’s Health (Singapore) and ‘i-Fitness’ magazines) and an Award-winning Entrepreneur & Business Coach (as presented by the Marketing Institute of Singapore for ‘Best Personal Brand’ Award). He is also the Director of Training & Business Development of Signature Image Academy International (, a leading training consultancy and academy which focuses on professional training programs and academy certification courses. A holder of several Master Certifications, in ‘Etiquette & Protocol’, ‘Image Consultancy’ and ‘Communications- Customer Service’, ‘MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling’, ‘Total Sucess Multi-Quotient Data Analytics & Profiling’, ‘EPIC Waves Motivation Theory & Profiling’, ‘Triple-Set Leader Framework & Profiling Assessment’, etc. he is also a MBA Masters’ degree Graduate (UoN, England UK) . He is currently pursuing his Doctorate degree (DBA, TU - NE England).

Up to date, because of the list of his clients which included various multi-national corporations, Coach Joshua Luke’s trainings in Singapore have him coaching participants from diverse nationalities - Caucasian audiences: British, Americans, Australians, Italians, Asian audiences: Chinese nationals, Indians, Koreans, Filipinos, and African audiences – South Africans, Nigerians, etc. He has also conducted several international trainings, in South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines, with more cities & countries to come in the following years.

A former Mr. Singapore and the International Winner for ‘Mister Culture World 2017/2018’ (Advanced category), Coach Joshua Luke has been both the Official Judge & Official Trainer for several Mister and Miss Singapore Pageants for years, training them in ‘Image Presentation’ & ‘Social Etiquette & Mannerism’, in ‘Body Language in Effective Communication’ and Media Presentation Training, before he continues the training for international pageants. A popular figure with the media, He has also been on print, on air, online and most recently on TV. For more information on training programs, workshops, talks and resources by Joshua Luke, email [email protected]. You can also view pictures of his trainings and workshops on Instagram: Coach Joshua Luke, and on Facebook: Joshua Luke.

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