Alumni Alumni Stories Alumnus leading the 3D Printing industry

Alumnus leading the 3D Printing industry

Alumnus leading the 3D Printing industry

Imagine printing your toys, drinking bottles, cabinets - thanks to 3D printing technologies, manufacturing such items through printing are a reality and MBA graduate, Đồng Thanh Lâm is leading the way in the industry. Find out about his experience in this novel industry in Vietnam and his aspirations in branding and marketing.

What are you up to right now?
I am currently working in the field of Marketing and Branding for 3DMaker Vietnam –  a pioneer in the field of research, manufacture and commercialization of 3D printers and  providing 3D printing services in Vietnam. In a growing working environment, 3DMaker is proud to be a bridge between many economic sectors in the Vietnam and the development of 3D printing technology worldwide.

As a member of this professional organisation, I have contributed my efforts to achieve business goals and ensure profits sustainable in the future. To set the stage for sustainable development, 3DMaker has been applying 3D FDM & SLA technology from hardware design, software programming, assembling and manufacturing.

I also work as a freelance branding consultant on some IMC projects and am a part-time marketing lecturer at an academic training centre to improve my knowledge and to gain more working experience.

Describe your current role
As Head of Marketing, I try my best to bring a focus on the quality and effectiveness of my company’s performances. I was assigned to manage a team with 5 members for all functions in Marketing such as: Branding management, Digital Marketing Solution, Design Direction, Consumer Promotion Planning, PR and interactive booth activation. The goal is to establish 3DMaker as the leading brand in the industry and to drive profits.

How has the experience been for you so far?
My most memorable experience is in retail marketing and brand planning. At work, with my fast-learning, professional attitude and passion in marketing, I learn and work across all aspects of marketing in order to bring the best results to 3DMaker Vietnam. I am responsible for building an annual marketing plan which involves both planning and execution such as: brainstorming, managing process, supervising timeline and reporting. This job is challenging myself every-day and I really love it.

If you could highlight one memorable encounter/experience, what would it be?
I think the most unforgettable experience at work so far is where I played a key role in organising an event in just 12 hours from idea brief, contacting suppliers, POSM production, stage setting-up, and writing the MC script. I felt that it was quite hard for me to perform well with the limited time because I did not have enough time to prepare everything. Fortunately, I was supported by my enthusiastic team and we did many tasks together overtime. We were rewarded with satisfaction when that event turned out to be good. It was actually a great challenge to myself and the success of that event made me so happy. I felt I got more mature in my career in that time.

What would be some of the lessons learned or challenges faced?
From that, I realised that teamwork is very important and it holds a highly valuable place in organisations. Maintaining a good relationship at work, between managers and colleagues, and between staff is not an easy affair. Besides that, to relieve stress, I’ve learnt to balance work and life in a positive way. For example, I arrange my schedule to travel on weekends with my buddies or celebrate BBQ party in the suburb area.

How do you feel studying at JCU Singapore has helped you?
Studying at JCU has helped me  mature in the areas of study, work and life. The most important thing I’ve learnt from JCU is the essential skill of communications. Being able to communicate with others confidently and the ability to adapt to any new working environment easily. Many thanks to JCU about that.

What's next for you?
In the future, I would like to set up my own business in Digital Marketing – Branding – Communications in Vietnam. This is a business model of providing branding advice and strategic planning consultation to many small and medium enterprises in Vietnam, especially in the start-up business.

Any career advice?
We only live once, so we should do whatever we need to do with a mature mindset, especially at work. I mean we are principled in our actions and responsibilities. Opportunity at work comes and goes quickly, so we need to be sensitive to pursue them at the right time. There are no bad jobs, every chance at a job gives us the essential working experience. So as young people, the more challenges we face, the more mature we will be.

I would like to thank JCU for preparing me well through the many valuable learning experiences. JCU helps me realise that my dreams will come true in the near future.