Have a question about the Singapore campus of James Cook University alumni association? Kindly refer to the FAQs and questions listed below. For additional assistance, please contact us at [email protected]

1.  Is there a way of keeping in touch with the University after graduate?

You can stay in touch through our Alumni Network. Fill in your particulars here by using your first name & last name (last name as at graduation). We will send you an email with details for your new alumni account once it is setup. Please also like & follow the JCU Singapore Alumni Facebook page for frequent news updates & alumni activities.

Additionally, if you are currently a residence in Singapore, you are also welcome to join the JCU Singapore Alumni Association as a member to participate in their events & activities. JCU Singapore Alumni is a formal association registered under the Registry of Societies (T06SS0273K). Visit Global Alumni Network for more info.

If you require any further assistance, you may send your queries to [email protected]

3. How do I request an additional copy of my transcript/academic record?

An official academic record is the official record of your JCU enrolment. It details all the subjects you've studied, your results, grade point average (GPA) and your graduation date (if conferred yet). You will need to fill out the Academic Record Form.

4. How can I get a replacement copy of my testamur/certificate?

If you have lost, misplaced or your Testamur has been destroyed, you will need to fill out the Testamur Replacement Form and submit it to James Cook University (form submission details are stated in the form). If a Testamur is declared as lost in the mail, but is eventually delivered at a later date it must be returned to James Cook University – at no cost to you.

5. How do I apply for a printout of my official academic record before and after graduation?

To obtain your official academic record please complete the Application for Academic Record form.

7. Alumni benefits - do I get anything for being a JCU grad?

Graduates of JCU are entitled to a range of benefits, such as Alumni can have access only to ProQuest database. Email us to for more info [email protected]

8. Business Directory - can I list my business or employer on the alumni website?

Yes. We have an alumni business directory where graduates can list their business or employers along with a special offer, find out more.