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Starting an Alumni Network

Are you a James Cook University graduate who is keen - To stay in touch with University friends? - To network with peers in the same discipline or industry? - To be in touch with latest professional trends & developments? - To participate and organise occasional events? - To contribute to society through meaningful voluntary work?

Then setting up your own Alumni Network might be just the thing to get your teeth into and it takes just 3 simple steps to get things going:

Step 1: Gather 3 like minded graduates

It takes just 3 like minded graduates and a JCU staff member (to provide support) to start the formation of a “Network” based on either geographical location, or on a subject, discipline or professional interest

Step 2: Email the Singapore Alumni Engagement Office

Simply email the Singapore Alumni Engagement Office ([email protected]) with minimium 3 core interested individuals to start the ball rolling. Please note that the minimum number of interested core individual required may differs according to certain variables, the Alumni Engagement Office will help and advise accordingly.
Once that is done, Alumni Engagement Office will source & extract a list of like minded individuals from their alumni database who have expressed similar interest, live in the same country or are part of the same professional / discipline cohort.

An invitation email will be drafted and sent out by Alumni Engagement Office on behalf of the new Network.

Step 3: Organise Start Up Functions / Events

Once a small group is started, Alumni Engagement Office will assist the new Network Committee with organising a couple of start-up functions to further it's growth.
Once the Network is stabilised and fully functional on its own, the Alumni Engagement Office will step back and take on a supporting advisory role.

By encouraging the development of networks, the University aims to provide alumni with a vehicle by which they can use their special skills and knowledge, network, give back to the institution, preserve and upgrade the standing of their degree/s and make a difference to the experience of life long learning for many.

Business Directory

JCU Alumni Business Directory provides a listing of businesses owned by our graduates to other alumni and industry who are seeking for products and services. Through this directory, we hope to encourage collaboration with our alumni as well as industry and to provide a platform to  promote  networking and help graduates enhance and optimise their online presence for their business.

If you are a JCU graduate and a business owner, you can list your business with us by completing the Application form and sending it to [email protected]. You can email us to request for the form.

The listing is not an endorsement by JCU of the businesses but a listing service to facilitate collaboration. You are advised to practise your due diligence when conducting business with any organisation.

Career Supports

Individual career counselling to discuss your career concerns is available free for all Alumni for up to one year after graduation.

Feel free to drop into our Careers Advisory Centre for the following:

  • CVs, cover letters, job hunting and interview skills
  • Employer and industry information
  • Job profiles including options with your degree subject
  • Local labour market data

A career counsellor can assist if you are considering what career path to choose or how to start a job search. A meeting with a Career counsellor can help start you in the right direction. You can also email in queries to [email protected].

Be a Research Donor

Your generous support can help us shape the lives of students in a way unique to the University’s mission. As a donor you can also request that the donation is used to support the major research efforts of campus academics or to establish a scholarship for specialized study.

Email [email protected] for more information.