Alumni Alumni Stories Expanding business in the ASEAN market

Expanding business in the ASEAN market

Expanding business in the ASEAN market

Eric Li, our Bachelor of Business (Marketing) graduate, is the Managing Director of Viharbour (Singapore) Enterprise Pte Ltd, a local Toys Wholesaler and Corporate sourcing company in Singapore that designs and develops toys to encourage children’s creativity and innovation. He shares how he applies the theories that he learnt in JCU as guidelines to help expand his company’s new e-commerce venture in the ASEAN region.

What are you up to right now?

Recently we established our new office Viharbour (Singapore) Enterprise Pte Ltd in Singapore, and also started our new venture for our e-commerce platform. This is really a busy time for me but I feel good to see the business growth.

Can you tell us more about your current role?

As the Managing Director in Viharbour (Singapore) Enterprise Pte Ltd my main vision is to expand the ASEAN market through the Singapore Office.

If you could highlight one memorable experience in your entrepreneurship journey what would it be?

I believe it would be our new venture being established in Singapore which means we shift our business from distribution to the end consumer market.

What would be some of the lessons learned or challenges faced?

From a start-up to a stable company stage, we have faced so many challenges and some of those that I can share are: Cash-flow, Product Line, Team Building and Marketing.

How do you feel studying at the Singapore campus of James Cook University has helped you?

My background is marketing, so, I believe the theories in the textbook and lecturers’ explanations can be applied to our business as guidelines.

So what's next for you?

Expanding to the ASEAN market and building up the e-commerce platform in the region.

What would be your advice for current students?

Go out of the class and start learning from the market.