Alumni Alumni Stories Passionate Researcher's Journey in Remote Healthcare during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Passionate Researcher's Journey in Remote Healthcare during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Passionate Researcher's Journey in Remote Healthcare during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Meet our alumni, Varun R Mirlay who studied Master of Business Administration (Majoring in Marketing) and discover his path to success. Read his story here.


Tell us a bit about what you currently do for a living.

I am a passionate researcher in the field of change management (remote healthcare domain) whose research was strengthened by practical insights during the COVID-19 pandemic when remote healthcare became the “new normal”. Thus, I can say that the advent of technology changes the perception of the healthcare sector by making the healthcare facility come to the patient, instead of the patient going to the healthcare facility.

What is your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part of the job is to progress ahead in my research work which is focused on the Coefficient of Progressive Adaptation in the field of information systems — which means that the rate of change of progressive adaptation of the concerned information system is directly proportional to the efficiency of the same. Vice-versa. This means that if the concerned information system is not adapted accurately, the efficiency of the same will decline steadily over a period of time. This is what I am trying to prove in my research and to indicate being the core of change management. Adapt or Obsolete is what I have noted as an additional finding in the field of change management, which I am implementing in the field of remote patient management —the main area of domain expertise. Further on in this regard, during the wake of the Covid pandemic in 2020 when remote patient management became an inevitable necessity, change management proved to be highly essential as healthcare had to be perceived differently. The focal point of my research was the integration of change management with remote patient management in the Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT). So my research in the field mentioned above was practically implemented in the information systems that connect various IoT devices within the healthcare IoT. The progress of this research is ongoing.

Some milestones include the presentation of a paper titled “Prominent Role of IoT in the Field of Telemedicine”  at the BEMAS international conference in 2021 and a paper on efficient management of information systems that was presented at the SEIGOP Conference 2023. This research is aimed at practical implementation in the industry, followed by potential expansion on an international scale, under the guidance of researchers at James Cook University.

Have you faced any challenges in your job? How have you managed to overcome them?

“Change Your Perception” is an approach that I have come up with to see the challenge as an opportunity for success. I do face challenges internally and externally. Analysis is what I use first to view the situation in the correct light. After analysis, I’ll devise a solution strategy. Each challenge comes with a different approach required to face the challenge. Not giving up and persevering until the mission is accomplished is my way of functioning.

What is the proudest thing you have accomplished in your job so far?

So far, the proudest moment was being invited by the Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce for a breakfast meeting with the former Australian High Commissioner in India, His Excellency Mr Barry O’Farrell. This was a huge achievement for me. In that meeting, I brought up some points from my own research which were acknowledged by the mentioned dignitary and this was included in the positive feedback obtained. As this too is from my research, I want to use this benchmark as a reference for progress in my research work ahead.

Why did you choose to study at James Cook University, Singapore and how has studying at James Cook University in Singapore prepared you for life after graduation?

In 2012, I stumbled upon the one-year MBA program, and it was pure serendipity that led me to James Cook University, Singapore. The advantages of pursuing my MBA were clear, offering me not only the chance to earn my degree but also a wealth of other valuable experiences and opportunities. These experiences and opportunities have played pivotal roles in shaping the person I am today. Moreover, having the privilege of knowing dedicated research professionals like Professor Abhishek Bhati, Dr Adrian Bradshaw, and Dr Insu Song further reinforced the advantages of being part of James Cook University. This, in turn, solidified the belief within me that life indeed has a purpose.

What advice do you have for all students?

My only advise to students is to prioritise their studies above all else. Your degree should be your utmost focus, and nothing else should hinder your pursuit of it.

Overall, what have you learned from your experience at JCU, Singapore?

The key lessons learned include the importance of academic focus and prioritising one’s degree for personal growth. It’s essential to stay focused on one’s primary goal, despite temptations and peer pressures. Completing tasks — like obtaining a degree — with maximum effort is crucial. Trust in a higher power and the mantra of “do your best and let go of the rest” play a significant role in progressing in life and discovering one’s life purpose.

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