Alumni Aspiring Alumna on her mission to bring happiness to children

Aspiring Alumna on her mission to bring happiness to children

Aspiring Alumna on her mission to bring happiness to children

Le Giang Nguyen, our Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Marketing and International Business) graduate, shares with us her volunteering work in Vietnam to help the less fortunate children, and on overcoming her own challenges.

Can you share with us your volunteering experience and what makes you decide to volunteer in these activities?

The above picture was taken during a volunteering trip in 2014 at Ta Han Town, Bac Kan Province. The place is located in the northeast midland mountainous area of Vietnaman. The people living here faced a lot of difficulties like lack of food, electricity and water. Normally, they have to walk around 5-10 kilometres to bring water back to their home for use.

Students study in a very poor condition here. They don’t have enough clothes to keep warm and enough books to learn. Together with a team of volunteers, I decided to call for help from our friends and families to support the students in this area by raising funds for them. The funds are used to  buy new clothes, bags, shoes, books and food for these children.

I volunteered in this project because I have always wanted to help children from different walks of life so that they can go to school and live in a better condition. Since I graduated from JCU and came back to Vietnam, my team and I organize short trips every year to visit the poor areas in Vietnam to support the children and to bring them happiness.

That is really wonderful. What are you up to right now then?

I’m currently working as an Accounts Executive in a Marketing Agency firm, which offers solutions that can be readily put to use, to spur consumers into action at different points of contact and increase sales .As an Accounts Executive, my major role is to be responsible for looking at the company's clients as well as keeping the company-client relationship strong.

I liaise with clients to discuss and identify their advertising requirements. After which, I work with colleagues to devise a PR & marketing campaign that meets the client's brief and budget and execute the plan.

If you could highlight one memorable experience (with your current company), what would it be?

Working in Agency industry is really interesting but also very stressful.

My most memorable experience with my current company was at the time when we were running advertising campaign for a brand. As the deadline for that campaign was nearing, we had to stay back in office until very late (which was the first time for me). We tried our best and work as a team to complete the campaign on time.

What would be some of the lessons learned or challenges faced?

Time management and team work are the most important lessons that I have learnt. Without support from colleagues, I would not have been able to go as far to where I am now. Also, time management will keep me on the right track with effective productivity.

How do you feel studying at the Singapore campus of James Cook University has helped you?

Studying at JCU not only helped me prepare well for my career but also gave me a chance to meet new friends from different countries.

In my opinion, learning is not merely from books but from practical experience and I definitely gained a lot of life experience during the time I was in JCU. I really love and missed those days.

So what's next for you?

At the moment, I will continue with my current job because it brings me a lot of opportunities to work with famous brands. Next year, I’m planning to do a Masters in Marketing Communication from Europe.

What would be your advice for current students?

Don’t be afraid of difficulties. The more difficult a job is, the more lessons you will learn.

I was stressed out when I started this job because working with famous brands requires me to complete multiple tasks at the same time. When I managed to complete the tasks well, I felt really happy. I learnt a lot of new things from those challenges.