Alumni Helping people to achieve their goals as a Personal Development Coach

Helping people to achieve their goals as a Personal Development Coach

Helping people to achieve their goals as a Personal Development Coach

Nicolette Fernandez, our Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Psychology) alumna, shares how she as a Personal Development Coach, helps her clients to achieve their goals.


Can you tell us more about your current role with Fleek Image and what made you decide to take on this role as a Personal Development Coach?

As a coach, I take on a personal approach for my clients by tailoring each session based on each client’s needs and goals. I believe in maintaining a close-knitted relationship with my clients as their Personal Coach. I enjoy motivating my clients and encouraging them to achieve healthy self-development through their Fleek coaching journey. I also create tailored and general coaching material for one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and workshops. As a lead coach, I also manage other coaches in the team.

If you could highlight one memorable experience in your working experience so far, what would that be?

I have many memorable experiences working with Fleek Image, from helping multiple clients reach their personal development goals, to having great working relationships with colleagues. It is hard to pinpoint one exact memory that struck me the most because they are all great!

What are some of the lessons learned or challenges faced at your current role?

Tailoring sessions to each specific individual to meet their coaching needs, as rewarding as it may be, has always been challenging. 3 lessons I have learnt are:
1. I can’t help those who are not ready to make changes and be committed to the coaching.
2. Certain things are not as they may seem. A lot of times, we take things at face value, when in fact, we should try to look beyond them and understand why someone may be feeling or expressing things the way they do.
3. Balancing and regulating emotions is key as too much emotional involvement may affect both the coach and clients negatively.

How do you feel studying at the Singapore campus of James Cook University has helped you to face the challenges in your current employment? What do you miss the most about your time at JCU?

In my current course of work as a personal development coach, my knowledge in psychology is very much relevant as I help clients enhance their communication and behavioural skills in both professional and personal settings. I am also able to tailor my approach based on the concerns and learning styles of different clients.

What would be your advice for current students?

If you don't try, you'll never know. It would be good to gain feedback from people. I never thought that being a coach would be a feasible option for someone of my character, but sometimes people see things in you that you don't. Get some constructive feedback, it could guide you down the right career path.

So, what's the next step for you?

My next steps would be to grow in my leadership position, develop myself as a better coach for my clients, and to continue to grow with Fleek Image.

Lastly, JCU's strategic intent is ‘Creating a brighter future for life in the tropics world-wide through graduates and discoveries that make a difference’. How do you think you have made (or are making) a difference?

Helping clients discover a sense of self-confidence, and accomplish better self-esteem drives me as a personal development coach. I believe that my role makes a difference as I help people achieve their goals, and build better relationships with others, as well as themselves.