Alumni A life-changing University experience led to embracing and conquering challenges

A life-changing University experience led to embracing and conquering challenges

A life-changing University experience led to embracing and conquering challenges

Pratik is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) alumnus, from James Cook University, Singapore. After graduating, he gained valuable experience working in multinational companies. He is passionate about helping people reach their goals and find success in their careers. Read his story below.

Pratik Kumkar

Tell us a bit about what you currently do for a living.

I am working as a Business Analyst Manager at Deloitte UK — one of the ‘Big 4’ firms based in London. I have over 7 years of dynamic experience as a Business Analyst, having also worked with multinational companies like Barclays, EY, and Credit Suisse. Being an expert in Business Analysis, I am running the Digital Adoption program by developing different mobile apps for Deloitte UK.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I fall in love with problems rather than solutions and I do that very passionately. This is my favourite part of my job. Accept the problems, challenge them, and conquer them. My colleagues think of me as someone persistent in the face of challenges, and capable of maintaining a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude.

What do you hope to achieve in your job?

The most important thing is achieving my learning goals and being an expert in what I am doing in the upcoming years.

Have you faced any challenges in your job? How have you managed to overcome them?

In my opinion, challenges are an essential part of your job, which allows you to learn from them. I face challenges daily in my role, with the people I engage with, and in uncertain situations. I have always managed to overcome and learn from them with my stakeholder management, leadership skills, and being a people person.

What is the proudest thing you have accomplished in your job so far?

There are a lot of proud moments like promotion and awards, although successfully handling a team of more than 10 colleagues from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds is the proudest moment. I feel proudest when they mention being happy and satisfied under my leadership.

How has studying at James Cook University (JCU) in Singapore prepared you for life after graduation?

Studying at JCU was the best part of my life, and certainly the most life-changing event. The JCU curriculum is designed in such a fabulous way that not only enhances your core knowledge but elevates your leadership and interpersonal skills. If I have to say this in our technical jargon, JCU promptly prepared me to become MVP — Most Valuable Product — in the market. There was a drastic change in my lifestyle, thought process, prestige and respect in the market as an MBA graduate from JCU, Singapore.

What were some of the highlights from your time at JCU?

Pratik Kumkar

The best thing was becoming Vice President of the JCU Marketing Club for two semesters, where I explored different opportunities as a part of club activities and my internship. That was the time when I got to assess my leadership skills. It’s also worth mentioning that I have learnt a lot from all of my international friends. I miss them a lot.

Do you have a message for your lecturers at JCU?

Thanks a ton! I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the lecturers who taught me the essential life skills required to survive in the market. They were simply the best. Kudos to them!

Do you have any advice for current students?

JCU is a great place for studying and exploring international connections and culture. Everyone should make the most of it. Make stronger professional connections and always seek learning opportunities. You should be ready for any surprise in life, even if it’s good or bad. But trust me, God has a plan for everyone, so trust the process. Be persistent. Do not lose hope. Give the best version of yourself every time.

I am always open to connecting on LinkedIn and providing any kind of guidance or piece of advice to any upcoming or current students as well. Just connect with me on LinkedIn