Always check for the real JCU

Always check for the real JCU

Always check for the real JCU

Verifying Authenticity – Checking for the real JCU

James Cook University (JCU) is a trusted University committed to providing quality education and welfare for students. JCU may occasionally be a target of malicious activities – including impersonation, phishing attacks and malware. Malicious activities like these may cause a lot of damage to JCU and could also compromise your personal data, and even have financial consequences.

So how do you avoid the pitfalls of compromised cybersecurity and make sure that the JCU representative that you’re communicating with is the real deal?

Check the name

Be vigilant. Fraudulent and spam emails and activities can come from a variety of sources that try to trick you into thinking that it is coming from a legitimate source. This could include using the JCU logo or making use of an email address similar to JCU’s.

  • Always make sure that email addresses of JCU representatives you are communicating with, end with “”.
  • Students from JCU have email addresses that end with “”.
  • Remember that the link to the James Cook University, Singapore website is
  • Do not respond to suspicious emails or attachments or click on web links you suspect do not originate from JCU
  • Do not provide personal information or financial details without verifying recipient

Ensure correct payment details

When making payments, please use the bank details provided in the Student Handbook (published on the James Cook University, Singapore website) and/or invoice/payment advice issued by the Finance team via email ([email protected]).

When making a cheque out to JCU, always ensure that payment is addressed to “James Cook University Pte. Ltd.”

You may confirm the available modes of payment on the Tuition Fees page of the James Cook University, Singapore website.  If you have any queries or are in doubt over any payment matters, please contact our representatives at [email protected]

Cybersecurity tips & tricks

For more information about cybersecurity, you may visit the Cybersecurity page on the James Cook University, Australia website.

You may also visit the following links for more tips and tricks to ensure your online safety: