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Wed, 6 Apr 2022

JCU Success Workshop (The Entrepreneurship Toolbox)

When: 6 April 2022, 3pm -- 4pm
Location:Online Webinar


Entrepreneurship is probably as old as humankind. Discovering and seizing value-adding opportunities have led to countless products and services that shape our lives today. Based on real world examples and scholarly research, a set of best practices and skills can be trained to prepare individuals for starting, owning and running an enterprise. This workshop seeks to help participants who want to know more about entrepreneurship, who think about starting an enterprise themselves, or who envisage to be intrapreneurial within an organization. Apart from reflections on entrepreneurship of the past, present and future, practical tools will be presented to prepare participants for an entrepreneurial future.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Emiel EijdenbergDr. Emiel Eijdenberg
Senior lecturer, Business

After obtaining his PhD degree in 2016, Dr. Eijdenberg worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany (2016 – 2019).  Dr. Eijdenberg’s research interests are about entrepreneurs(hip) in emerging countries. Dr. Eijdenberg is particularly interested in the personal attributes of entrepreneurs and how these attributes are related to the sustainable growth of their businesses. Dr. Eijdenberg’s work has been presented at international management conferences such as AoM, ESU, EURAM, ICSB and RENT. See for Dr. Eijdenberg’s publications: Scholar Google profile.

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