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An inside look at entrepreneurs’ creative responses to institutional challenges

Media Releases

Wed, 3 Jun 2020
An inside look at entrepreneurs’ creative responses to institutional challenges

A book co-authored by Dr Emiel Eijdenberg explores the everyday struggles of African entrepreneurs in relation to institutional constraints and sustainability practices.

dr emiel ejdenberg

(Pictured: Dr Emiel Eijdenberg)

Dr Emiel Eijdenberg – Senior Lecturer in Business at James Cook University in Singapore – in collaboration with Dr Neil Thompson from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, has written a book about entrepreneurs’ creative responses to institutional challenges.

Most entrepreneurship research in emerging countries make use of macro-level or meso-level analyses of large surveys to examine the relationship between institutional environment and the role of entrepreneurship in social and environmental development. However, Dr Eijdenberg’s book takes a more unique approach.

After observing a need for a more in-depth understanding about the role and impact of entrepreneurial activities, Dr Eijdenberg and Dr Thompson decided that it was important to go straight to the source – obtain insights through personal experiences and stories from the experts and entrepreneurs themselves.

entrepreneurs creative responses to institutional challenges book cover “The creation of this book did not happen overnight,” shared Dr Eijdenberg. Instead, the book was the result of extensive self-collected data, obtained from four focus group interviews with 60 entrepreneurship experts and experienced entrepreneurs in Tanzania and Zambia in 2017 and 2018.

Dr Eijdenberg said, “The personal experiences and stories of the experts and entrepreneurs offer nuanced and insider perspectives of the everyday struggles of Tanzanian and Zambian entrepreneurs.”

The book sheds new light on African entrepreneurship, showing that the dynamics of African entrepreneurship is ultimately a function of the institutional environment. The account highlights the need for complementary interventions, such as environmental regulations, environmental awareness promotion, better alignment of incentives and more comprehensive and robust social security systems. In addition, the book also contains socio-economic information related to entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa.

For academics, students and practitioners, this book may prove to be a fascinating and relevant read to understand more about African entrepreneurship as a whole.

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You may find the book “Entrepreneurs’ Creative Responses to Institutional Challenges: Insider Perspectives from Sub-Saharan Africa” here.


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