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Newsroom   James Cook University in Singapore Celebrates International Day of the Tropics 2019

Wed, 12 Jun 2019
James Cook University in Singapore Celebrates International Day of the Tropics 2019

Help us face the unique challenges and opportunities in the Tropics together.

Did you know? 40% of the world’s total surface area is situated in the Tropics. Approximately 80% of the world’s plant and animal life, along with much of its language and cultural diversity, can be found there too1.

However, the tropical region faces a number of difficult challenges such as climate change, deforestation, logging, urbanisation, and demographic changes. In fact, the Tropics host nearly 95% of the world’s mangrove forests by area, and 99% of mangrove species, yet the area of mangrove forest has decreased in all tropical regions since 19801.

To celebrate the diversity of the Tropics, and to highlight the challenges and opportunities faced by countries within this region, we observe International Day of the Tropics every year on 29 June.

This year, James Cook University has planned a few activities to help support the cause:

Date Event Name
26 June Wednesday Plant a Tree on Campus

Location: James Cook University, Singapore

5 small Banyan Trees will be planted in the campus (Butterfly Garden and around the courtyard).

Trees are valuable - whether it’s providing clean air on campus, or rejuvenating you with green spaces. Support us as we maintain and improve our campus landscape in a sustainable way.

29 June
Plant-A-Tree Programme with Garden City Fund by National Parks Board (NParks)

Location: Woodlands Waterfront Park

Why stop our green efforts at our campus? We will be working with Garden City Fund by National Parks Board (NParks) to plant a tree at the Woodlands Waterfront Park. This ensures that Singapore’s greenery remains lush and abundant.

12- 26 June  Pledge & Win for the Tropics 

The challenges we face in the Tropics affects us all. However, through our everyday actions, we can make a positive change. This is what we are committed to with our International Day of the Tropics 2019 Instagram contest.

Show your commitment by making a pledge; “For the Tropics, I will…”

  • Upload a photo or video of your pledge on Instagram. Remember to include the relevant hashtags (#WeAreTheTropics and #JCUsingapore)
  • Make sure you follow @jcusingapore on Instagram, and set your account to public.

This contest is open to current students, staff, and alumni of James Cook University in Singapore. There are five prizes to be won, and the most impactful and creative pledge will stand a chance to win $100 cash vouchers*.

We will also have a booth on campus, where you can make your pledge.

*Terms and conditions apply.

1 https://www.un.org/en/events/tropicsday