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Newsroom   Highlights from the 2019 SICC-JCU Circular Economy + Sustainability Competition

Mon, 2 Dec 2019
Highlights from the 2019 SICC-JCU Circular Economy + Sustainability Competition

The finale that showcased innovative sustainable ideas from around Singapore.

(Pictured: One of the presentations at the SICC-JCU Circular Economy + Sustainability Competition grand finale)

Our future is looking increasingly volatile and fleeting due to the risks posed by excessive consumption habits and wastefulness. In order to combat this issue, the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) and James Cook University (JCU), in conjunction with the Centre of International Trade and Business in Asia, organised the SICC-JCU Circular Economy + Sustainability Competition.

The competition called on students studying in institutes of higher learning to explore the complexities of sustainability and the circular economy, as well as rally support for the cause.

The challenge — develop a clear 60-second-long video message that raises our awareness on sustainable habits and encourages action in one of the following categories:

  1. Correct use of recycle bins
  2. Food waste reduction
  3. Management of e-waste

Mr Victor Mills, CEO of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce, said of the competition, “We're tapping on the insights and skills of students across Singapore who will be coping with climate change and all that means throughout their lives. Let's hear their suggestions!”

Submissions came from various institutions in Singapore. 10 teams were shortlisted for the finals. However, only nine of them were able to gather in the Singapore campus of James Cook University on 25 October 2019, to showcase their 60-second videos and pitch their ideas to an esteemed panel of judges.

The nine teams shared wide-ranging solutions to the three themes of the competition, such as instructional videos on proper recycling habits, and creative user sharing platforms that contribute to the circular economy.

(Pictured: The organisers, judges, master of ceremonies, and winners of the SICC-JCU Circular Economy + Sustainability Competition)

After much deliberation, the judges announced the winners for each category:

  • Correct use of recycle bins:Let’s do our part together!” – by Shun Jie Lee, Mun Kit Leong, Gwen Chua Zi Yi, Jeremy Lee Qi Jie, Qian Hui Lim, Franco Seah Guan Sheng, Gerald Tan Yew Meng, and Jia Yang Goh; from Singapore Polytechnic
  • Food waste reduction:Ugly Food Pageant” – by Piya Kerdlap and Jaclyn Ying; from National University of Singapore
  • Management of e-waste:Waste to Wealth” – by Aung Zay Ya, Hom Nan Nwe Htun, Khin Yadanar Aung, Jingyi Chen, Li Yu, and Jiayang Lyu; from James Cook University in Singapore

To note, the team behind “Waste to Wealth” comprises six graduating students from James Cook University’s Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Business courses, who completed the sharing platform idea in their capstone subject — the Multidisciplinary Project.

The three winning teams each won a $1000 cash prize — which was sponsored by JCU, SICC, and the Responsible Seafood Group.

As one of the main organisers of the event, Dr Adrian Kuah — Associate Professor of Business at JCU in Singapore — was impressed by the showcase and ideas on display.

Commenting on the remarkable efforts of the teams, Associate Professor Kuah said, “The range of ideas — from pageantry mockups to superheroes — from entries around Singapore, have been very interesting in raising the awareness of the circular economy and sustainability agenda. Through these innovative videos by young people, the SICC and JCU hope to propagate and support Singapore’s year toward zero waste.”

Dr Pengji Wang — Associate Professor of Business at JCU in Singapore — who also played a critical part in organising the event, added, “It is encouraging to see young people interacting with industry judges to explore the creative solutions to waste management. JCU is proud to be the platform to link industry, academia and our young generation, for a more sustainable future.”

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