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James Cook University supports launch of Aquaculture Innovation Centre

Media Releases

Wed, 26 Jun 2019
James Cook University supports launch of Aquaculture Innovation Centre

The Aquaculture Innovation Centre will reinforce Singapore’s growing aquaculture sector with research and development, and co-innovation partnerships.

The Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) was unveiled today at Temasek Polytechnic (TP). This facility is the first Centre of Innovation (COI) to bring the vast knowledge and experience from different partners – tertiary institutes and government agencies – together through a consortium model to benefit the aquaculture sector in Singapore.

James Cook University in Singapore is proud to be an important part of the institutions supporting the AIC. Other partners include Temasek Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

“Individually, the various AIC partners are already doing great work to uplift the capabilities of our SMEs in the sector,” said Ted Tan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Enterprise Singapore. “By bringing them together, they can now tap complementary strengths and accelerate the development of sustainable aquaculture solutions to serve both the domestic and export markets.

He adds, “The centre is a testament to our commitment to making Singapore an aquaculture hub.”

Given that James Cook University is globally recognised for its strengths in aquaculture R&D, training and advisory services1, this opportunity will allow James Cook University in Singapore to share our extensive expertise in the field of aquaculture, while leveraging and value-adding on the resources of fellow partners to elevate the aquaculture sector in Singapore.

“James Cook University, through its recently launched Tropical Futures Institute, is working in multiple areas with the aquaculture industry and other R&D providers to help Singapore achieve its food security strategy, as well as create new technologies and knowledge that will comprise the next generation of aquaculture innovation,” said Professor Dean Jerry, Dean of Research for James Cook University’s Singapore campus. “We are very committed to working with all stakeholders in tandem with the country’s goal of becoming an aquaculture technology hub at the cutting edge of innovation, and the AIC is one such vehicle to deliver our intent.”

In addition to driving research and development, and co-innovation partnerships, the AIC will also offer training and development opportunities in three key areas:

  1. Nutrition, feeds, additives and feeding management: To improve knowledge base on nutritional requirements of the different fish species and corresponding growth stages.
  2. Health and disease management: To provide guidance on appropriate aquaculture antibiotics and vaccines.
  3. Genetics, breeding, and seed production: To increase domestic supply for quality broodstock (mature fishes used for breeding) and seedstock for farming.

What’s more, the AIC aims to raise industry standards through product testing, certifications, and quality standards development. The next generation of Singapore’s aquaculture talent may be born from the training AIC provides, which includes conferences, workshops, and joint research and development efforts.

For further information on areas of research strength in Aquaculture and future collaborative opportunities at James Cook University in Singapore, view our booklet here.

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