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JCU Singapore awarded the EduTrust Star

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Thu, 16 Apr 2015
JCU Singapore awarded the EduTrust Star
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JCU Singapore has earned the distinction of being the first private education institution to attain an EduTrust Star quality mark from the Council for Private Education (CPE).

The EduTrust Star is the highest level of quality assurance that can be awarded to a private education institution (PEI) by the CPE under the EduTrust Certification Scheme (EduTrust).

JCU Singapore was awarded the EduTrust Star by the CPE on 13 April 2015.

Dr Dale Anderson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Head of Singapore Campus said that achieving EduTrust Star status has been a priority of JCU Singapore since this quality assurance scheme was introduced.

“Attaining EduTrust Star had been a long term aim of both JCU Singapore and its parent entity, James Cook University (JCU). The journey toward EduTrust Star has made our organisation a better place. Instilling the high operational standards required of an EduTrust Star institution has certainly benefited JCU Singapore and James Cook University in Australia has also benefited from observing this process,” Dr Anderson said.

“However, it’s our students who have benefited most from this award. All employees of JCU Singapore are mindful that they have to produce a high level of job performance in order to satisfy our main client group, the fee-paying students,” he added.

JCU Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Sandra Harding said achieving EduTrust Star status underscores the high level of commitment on the part of management and staff of JCU Singapore to strengthen the position of the institution as a leading provider of quality education.

“JCU has been committed to building a presence in Singapore since 2003 and sees JCU Singapore as an integral part of James Cook University - one university, two countries, three tropical locations (Singapore, Cairns and Townsville). The University considers the awarding of this quality mark as an important step to further broaden and deepen our commitment to Singapore,” Professor Harding said.

“We knew that attaining the EduTrust Star status was not going to be an easy undertaking. Despite the very stringent EduTrust Star requirements, our team in Singapore has managed to accomplish this remarkable feat,” she added.

There are currently three award types under EduTrust, namely EduTrust Star, EduTrust and EduTrust Provisional. EduTrust Star and EduTrust awards are valid for four years whereas EduTrust Provisional is valid for one year.

The EduTrust Star award is given to PEIs that have excelled in all key areas of management and the provision of quality education services. This mark is also a symbol of recognition for sustained efforts in organisational improvement.