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Newsroom   Opening the Doors to Aquaculture Innovation

Mon, 15 Apr 2019
Opening the Doors to Aquaculture Innovation

HATCH links with James Cook University in Singapore as their Asia-Pacific academic partner.

James Cook University in Singapore signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 5th April with HATCH, an aquaculture-specific, globally-focused start-up business accelerator and investment firm.

HATCH runs its accelerator program with early-stage aquaculture nutrition, health, technology and production start-ups that focus on innovative and scalable products. James Cook University is globally recognised for its strengths in aquaculture R&D, training and advisory services.[1]

MOU signatories, Professor Chris Rudd OBE, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Head of Campus for James Cook University in Singapore,
and Mr Georg Baunach, Development Director and Co-founder of HATCH, together with Professor Dean Jerry, Dean of Research, and
Aquaculture Geneticist with James Cook University, in the new aquaculture facility at the Singapore campus.

Both parties under the MOU have an intention to engage in activities that strengthen the aquaculture innovation ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region and to establish Singapore as a regional hub for fostering such innovation. The MOU affirms the agreement of both parties to a series of joint undertakings and responsibilities that will help grow the aquaculture innovation ecosystem in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

James Cook University in Singapore will support initiatives resulting in an aquaculture innovation space in Singapore, supporting aquaculture startups with expertise and access to facilities. The University will support HATCH’s efforts to run accelerator programs, workshops, and to address challenges utilising their domain expertise as their academic partner.

Professor Dean Jerry, Dean of Research for James Cook University’s Singapore campus, says that “by working together HATCH and James Cook University can facilitate aquaculture, which is the fastest growing food production industry globally, to take the next step in its evolution through fostering start-up companies that are developing new innovative technologies and approaches that increase productivity and lower risk, while ensuring sustainable outcomes for the industry are maintained.”

According to Georg Baunach, Co-founder and Development Director of HATCH, “Partnering with James Cook University allows HATCH and its portfolio companies to potentially access expertise, IP and talent from one of the leading aquaculture institutes in the Asia-Pacific region while encouraging entrepreneurial activity within the university. Home to, by far, most of the world’s aquaculture, Asia is a key focus region for HATCH and partnering with the best local institutions makes absolute sense for us .”

For further information on areas of research strength in Aquaculture and future collaborative opportunities at James Cook University in Singapore, view our booklet here.

[1] E.g., https://www.sfa.gov.sg/docs/default-source/publication/annual-report/ava-ar-2017-18.pdf;


Research: Professor Dean Jerry researchdean-singapore@jcu.edu.au
Media: Pinky Sibal pinky.sibal@jcu.edu.au