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SICC-JCU Circular Economy + Sustainability Competition 2019

Media Releases

Tue, 6 Aug 2019
SICC-JCU Circular Economy + Sustainability Competition 2019

Find out more about the competition towards zero waste.

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We have just one Earth, one Singapore.

But if we continue to take and waste the resources we gather from the planet, we will reach the limits of what our planet can provide. The environment simply does not have the capacity to sustain such excessive consumption habits.

To take on this challenge, we need a comprehensive approach to sustainability, behind this is the idea of the circular economy — where waste is minimised and resources are re-used efficiently — in order to achieve the ultimate goal of maximising environmental savings and creating net-zero impact on the environment.

The SICC-JCU Circular Economy + Sustainability Competition calls on all students studying in institutes of higher learning and junior colleges to develop a clear video message that raises awareness on our sustainable habits and encourages action. Video entries should observe one of the following categories:

  1. Correct use of recycle bins
  2. Food waste reduction
  3. Management of e-waste

The winning video in each category will stand to win a cash prize of $1000. This competition, supporting Singapore’s year towards zero waste, is organised by the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) and James Cook University (JCU), in conjunction with the Centre of International Trade and Business in Asia (CITBA).

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Our very own Professor Chris Rudd OBE, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Head of Campus, Singapore for James Cook University, will share his interest in the circular economy approach as a member of the judging panel. Professor Rudd commented, “I am excited to be a part of the judges’ panel in the Circular Economy + Sustainability Competition 2019. As part of JCU’s strong commitment in creating a brighter future for the Tropics, it is important that we cultivate behaviours and provide thought leadership on how we can protect the environment. I look forward to seeing what ideas students come up with.”

Other eminent judges include captains of industry such as Mr Christopher Warren of Accenture, Mr Paul Fong of DOW Chemicals, and experts such as Professor Seeram Ramakrishna of the National University of Singapore.

James Cook University in Singapore understands that a sustainable environment is central to our lives and work, and carries out a number of sustainable practices, including eliminating and reducing our reliance on single-use plastics in campus, and planting more trees.

“Introducing circularity is important because Singapore alone generates millions of tonnes of waste a year. As such, it is critical that we see a sea of change in our relationship with waste as a resource and the environment we live in,” said Associate Professor Adrian Kuah, one of the organisers of the SICC-JCU Circular Economy + Sustainability Competition.

Mr Victor Mills, CEO of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce, shares this sentiment, adding, “This competition is important because it allows our young adults in Singapore to develop a better understanding of the circular economy. In turn, this offers great incentives for companies to approach their business in a more circular fashion and people to cultivate a more sustainable lifestyle.”

Video submission closes on 1 October 2019.


SICC-JCU competition enquiries: Associate Professor Adrian Kuah [email protected]

Media: Pinky Sibal [email protected]