Q: Under what conditions am I allowed to participate in the Online Learning?

A: You must:

  1. Accept the offer of admission
  2. Make payment
  3. Enrol in your subjects

Q: Can I participate in the Online Learning from my home country?

A: Yes. You can access the online learning platform as long as you have an internet connection. If you are facing technical issues, you may contact our Information and Communications Technology team at

Q: Will I have to apply for an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter / Student Pass if I am participating in the Online Learning outside of Singapore?

A: No. However, do take note that all international students are still required to apply for and receive a valid IPA in order to arrive in Singapore and continue with face-to-face studies after the Online Learning.

Q: Will I currently be able to enter Singapore and access the campus with an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter / Student Pass?

A: All existing student pass holders, as well as those who have been granted in-principle approval, must obtain MOE's permission before starting their journey to Singapore by submitting their application for entry to Student Affairs at which will then be forwarded to MOE.

Applicants who are given permission to enter Singapore will be issued an approval letter of entry that is valid for two weeks. This letter must be produced to airline staff upon check-in at the departure airport and to the immigration officer at the checkpoint upon arrival into Singapore.

Those who arrive in Singapore without the approval letter of entry will not be allowed to clear immigration, and will need to bear the cost of flying out of Singapore within 48 hours. Failure to comply will result in the cancellation of the Student Pass or the rescinding of the IPA.

In the view of the current situation, MOE will not be able to support Private Education Institution (PEI) applications at the moment, until further notice.

For more information, click here.

If your IPA expires, or if you have any questions about your IPA, please contact Student Affairs at

Q: In which classrooms are microphones currently available?

A: They are available in all lecture theatres – C2-13, C2-14, C2-15, C4-13, C4-1 and Block C, 64-seaters classroom.

Q: How can teaching staff request for a microphone if they need one for face-to-face teaching?

A: Please inform the Academic Planning team of your request and they will be able to indicate the need for a microphone when booking for the room through the facility booking system. For last-minute requests, please call the Facilities Hotline at 6709 3890, but it will subject to availability of the inventory.

Q: What is the protocol regarding use of microphone in the classroom? Is it only to be used by the lecturer concerned? Or can the lecturer pass it to a student in a big classroom should there be a need for students to raise questions in class?

A: We advise not to share microphones during this period. To avoid cross-contamination, we have an inventory of disposable microphone covers provided with the microphones.

Q: When wearing the face shield in the classroom, is there a need to wear a mask as well?

A: For lecturers who are speaking to a group in a classroom or lecture-style setting, and are able to maintain a safe distance away from any other persons, masks may be exempted. For more information:

Q: Will hand sanitisers be provided outside of each classroom or within the classroom so that everyone entering the class can have access when needed?

A: Hand sanitisers have been installed inside all classrooms before the Circuit Breaker period.

The following FAQ below shares more information on the Study Period 51 2020 & Study Period 52 2020 grading system.

Q: Why is JCU modifying the result system for Study Period 51 2020 & Study Period 52 2020?

A: We recognise that students are impacted in a variety of ways by COVID-19 and with the transition to new ways of learning and assessment, and would like to do what we can to assist.

You may feel that your academic performance in this Study Period will be adversely affected, and that this could impact on your subject results and Grade Point Average (GPA).

For this reason, JCU has introduced the following initiatives to minimise the impact of the disruption caused by COVID-19 on your academic transcripts and GPA.

  • All FAIL results (excepting X) will be converted to a WD (Withdrawn) and will not count toward your GPA,
  • A Non-GPA system will be implemented for students enrolled in foundational year (level 1 and 2 coded subjects), and
  • Students in advanced level subjects (level 3 and higher-level coded subjects) will have the option to have Passing subject results converted to the Non-GPA system.

Q: What is a non-GPA system?

A: A non-GPA system is a Result Type where students are awarded final subject results of either:

  • Satisfactory (S),
  • Satisfactory after sitting a supplementary examination or supplementary assessment (SS),
  • Unsatisfactory (U), or
  • X (Fail, did not sit for examination(s), or did not complete assessment requirements worth at least 80% of the total possible marks, or deferred examination not granted)

A Satisfactory completion (S) or (SS) means that you have met the requirements of the subject, and have accrued the credit points for that subject. This allows you to progress to higher level subjects.

As a Satisfactory result (S) or (SS) is not graded, the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory results are excluded from your overall course GPA. Click here for more information.

Q: Which subjects and courses do the non-GPA results apply to?

A: The Non-GPA system will be applied to all Level 1 and 2 coded subjects across all JCU courses delivered in Study Period 51 2020 & Study Period 52 2020.

Level 1 and Level 2 coded subjects are any subjects which have a subject code where the first numeral is a 1 or a 2, for example, YY1003 and YY2003.

The original results system will be retained in Level 3 and above coded subjects (including some that already use the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory result). Results achieved in Level 3 and above coded subjects in Study Period 51 2020 & Study Period 52 2020 will contribute to a student’s course GPA as normal.

Q: Will I receive credit for the subjects that I complete in the non-GPA results system?

A: A Satisfactory completion (S) or (SS) is a passing result and therefore you will receive credit for completion of the subject. This means the subject counts as being completed as part of your course requirements, and the credit points assigned to the subject will be included in the calculations to determine how much of your course you have completed.

Q: Am I eligible for a supplementary?

A: Supplementary examinations and assessments will progress as per subject outlines. Where a supplementary examination or assessment is not usually permitted, an alternative assessment item may be considered by the Assessment Committee, such as a special exam approved by a College Dean.

Q: My subject is a pre-requisite for another subject in my course, is a Satisfactory result enough?

A: Yes, a Satisfactory completion (S) or (SS) result counts as meeting the requirements of that subject.

Q: Will my individual assessment pieces be graded according to the criteria in the subject outline?

A: Yes, each individual assessment task will be marked as listed in the subject outline, and in accordance with the marking criteria/rubrics provided in the subject outline.

For many assessment items this will include receiving a numerical mark or grade with a weighted contribution toward your overall subject result. Your subject may also have other assessment items that contribute a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory outcome, for example if the assessment was a non-weighted hurdle task (0% must pass item).

These marking procedures will allow you to receive feedback which accurately reflects your performance on the assessment task against the criteria/rubrics published in the subject outline. This allows for reflection on your performance, and to plan future learning needs.

Q: I am enrolled in level 1 and/or level 2 coded subjects and need a GPA to apply for another course or maintain my scholarship, what can I do so that I am not disadvantaged?

A: You can apply for a Study Period 51 2020 & Study Period 52 2020 GPA Letter of Advice to assist in entry or transfer to courses where this evidence is required. You are required to complete the application within 10 days of the publication of final results A Letter of Advice cannot be provided to a student until all results have been finalised for the teaching period. JCU will consider criteria for course transfers and modify a GPA requirement where possible.

A waiver will be applied to students under scholarship schemes where a particular GPA needs to be maintained; four Satisfactory results will be sufficient.

A GPA waiver has been established for merit international scholarships.

Q: Why does the non-GPA results scheme not apply to Level 3 and above courses?

A: Level 3 and higher-level coded subjects are advanced subjects, completed in the final years of undergraduate courses or in postgraduate coursework awards, and the GPA achieved in these subjects may:

  • contribute to a graduate’s employment opportunities, and
  • be required for accreditation, or
  • be required for entry to postgraduate courses.

For these reasons the normal system of reporting results has been retained for these subjects.

In instances where Level 3 and above coded subjects already utilise Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory results as normal practice, these will be retained.

Q: Can I opt out of the system?

A: No, not initially. The system is implemented at a subject level basis, so the results system applies to all students enrolled in a particular subject in a specific study period in Study Period 51 2020 & Study Period 52 2020.

However, after the publication of subject results:

  • Students who are seeking entry/transfer to a different course, or exit from a course, or have International Institutional requirements, and have successfully completed Level 1 and 2 coded subjects can apply for a Study Period 51 2020 & Study Period 52 2020 (SP51 2020 & SP52 2020) GPA, and
  • Students enrolled in Level 3 and higher-level coded subjects can apply to have ALL passing results converted to a Satisfactory result and not have a GPA calculated for SP51 2020 & SP52 2020.

Q: What is a SP51 2020/SP52 2020 GPA?

A: If you are transferring/applying to another course after Study Period 51 2020/52 2020, taking an exit award or an international study abroad student you may apply for a Study Period 51 2020/52 2020 (SP51 2020/SP52 2020) GPA within 10 days of the publication of final results.

A SP51 2020/SP52 2020 GPA is a calculation of an equivalent Grade Point Average (GPA) based on marks/grades awarded across all assessment tasks in subjects completed at Level 1 and 2 in Study Period 51/52, i.e. the GPA you would have earned if a GPA grading system was applied to your performance in the subject assessment. Your SP51 2020/SP52 2020 GPA will be provided to you in a formal Letter of Advice.

A SP51 2020/SP52 2020 GPA does not change your earned GPA from your previous or future studies. The GPA awarded from studies prior to 2020 will be retained in academic transcripts even if a SP51 2020/SP52 2020 GPA is approved.

To get a SP51 2020/SP52 2020 GPA you need to apply to email, within 10 days from the release of your subject results. The University will consider your eligibility for a SP51 2020/SP52 2020 GPA on a case-by-case basis before agreeing to the request.

Q: How do I have my final results for Level 3 and higher-level coded subjects converted to Satisfactory and not count toward my course GPA?

A: If you are enrolled in Level 3 and higher-level coded subjects, and believe you have been adversely impacted by COVID-19 and the move to online learning, you can apply to have ALL passing subject results converted to Satisfactory following the publication of final subject results.  You will be able to make an informed decision by comparing your previous GPA with your GPA that includes the SP51/SP52 grades, and consider the implications of making the change.

An application is made for a Change of Result Type and submitted directly to Student Services within 10 university working days after subject result publication.

This form essentially provides your consent for the results to be converted.  Once converted to an S, these results cannot be reversed to the original result type. These subject results will never contribute to your course GPA.

Q: What if I have an individual subject result that I want reviewed?

A: Contact should be made with the subject co-ordinator/lecturer via email requesting an informal review, accompanied by a Notice of Extenuating Circumstances or Special Consideration form to support your application. This process allows for an individual subject result to be reviewed. A formal review may be necessary and you can submit an application using the Review of Final Subject Result form for this.

Q: How long do I have after the release of final results to request a Review, SP51 2020/SP52 2020 GPA or Change of Result Type?

A: Applications to have individual subject results in Study Period 51/Study Period 52 reviewed, to convert all passing results for SP51/SP52 subject to S, or to have a SP51/SP52 2020 GPA calculated must be lodged within 10 University working days of the publication of final subject results.

Q: I am enrolled in both Level 2 and 3 subjects; how will the non-GPA results apply to me?

A: Your Level 2 coded subjects will be graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory and your Level 3 subjects will be graded using the normal results system for that subject. The results for the Level 2 coded subjects will not count toward your GPA. Your GPA for Study Period 51/Study Period 52 will be calculated on your results for Level 3 coded subjects, unless you choose to have your passing results in the Level 3 coded subjects converted to S.  If the latter is option is taken, you will not have a GPA generated for Study Period 51/Study Period 52 and your GPA from the previous study period will be maintained.

Q: If I Fail a subject, will this be recorded on my academic transcript and count towards my GPA?

A: A Withdrawn (WD) result will replace failing results of N (Fail), U (Unsatisfactory) or WF (Withdrawn with Fail) in subjects completed after 9 April in Study Period 52 2020.

A Withdrawn (WD) grade indicates that you have not completed the requirements of the subject, but this does not reduce your course GPA. If the subject is required for your course then you will need to repeat the subject in order to pass and have it contribute to your course.

If you have been awarded an X (Fail, Incomplete) result it will remain on your academic transcript and count towards your GPA, as it shows that you have remained enrolled in the subject (did not withdraw) but attempted less than 80% of the assessment.