Teaching modality

Teaching modality

From SP51 2023 onwards

  • All classes will be conducted physically (F2F) in Singapore.
  • The University will cease to offer online only classes.
  • Please note that all international students will need to hold a valid student pass before being allowed to attend face to face class.
  • All international students with a valid student pass in Singapore must attend the physical class and adhere to the Campus attendance requirement of 3 hours per day, as mandated by ICA.


Q: Under what conditions will I be provided with Online Learning Support? 

A: Students unable to travel to Singapore due to government-imposed travel restrictions in their city will be provided online learning support until travel restrictions are lifted. Proof of restriction must be provided through this link and it is approved on a case by case basis.

Q: What is Online Learning Support? 

A: Students will be supported with videos, eLearning and exercises. There will not be any LIVE online classes.

Q: Can I join classes during the study period/trimester?.

A: To enhance your knowledge and learning experience, we encourage all students to begin classes in the first week. The University offers flexibility in terms of subject selection and/or select/request to change classes. However, please take note of key dates and plan ahead.

  • Last date to enrol : 24th March 2023
  • Last date to make payments : 27th March 2023
  • Last date to change class : 31st March 2023
  • Census date : 6th April 2023

Please take note, that all international student require a valid student pass to attend classes. The process of getting your student pass takes roughly 1 month or more after entry to Singapore, depending on appointment dates. In order to attend class with a valid student pass, we recommend that you enter Singapore at least 1 month before the start of your trimester. SP51-SP91 is scheduled to begin on 13th March’2023

Q: As a student, can I attend an online class while in Singapore?

A: All classes will be offered in Face to Face mode. Only students meeting the condition outlined in Q1 will be supported through online resources. All students need to adhere to the attendance requirement outlined here. In addition to the attendance requirement, all International Students with a valid student pass must meet Campus attendance requirement of 3 hours per day, as mandated by ICA.

Q: Where can I find the airport pickup and accommodation information?

A: Airport Pickup: https://www.jcu.edu.sg/current-students/pre-arrival-information

Accommodation: https://www.jcu.edu.sg/current-students/accommodation

Q: As an international student who plans to return to Singapore for physical classes, what should I do?

A: Please refer to the timeline and estimate your return date based on the COVID-19 situation and the availability of air tickets and start to contact your designated Student Ambassador at