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Newsroom   In an age of work-from-home, students from the JCU Marketing Club succeed in online collaboration with Singapore AI start-up, TAIGER

Mon, 1 Jun 2020
In an age of work-from-home, students from the JCU Marketing Club succeed in online collaboration with Singapore AI start-up, TAIGER

Members of the JCU Marketing Club were selected into an Industrial Attachment program with TAIGER and conducted regular interactions and research, remotely, amid social distancing measures.

(From left: Chu Meng (Amanda), Hnin Ei Shwe Yi (DD), Ha Ngan Le (Naveen), Pratik Kumkar, and Shania Fernando)

As plenty of people around the world embrace remote work as the new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic, so are our students in James Cook University (JCU) in Singapore. A group of five students from the JCU Marketing Club recently worked together with TAIGER – one of Asia’s fastest-growing artificial intelligence companies – on a research project, all through online collaboration.

The five students from the JCU Marketing Club were:

  • Chu Meng (Amanda) – Current President; enrolled in Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Marketing and Financial Management)
  • Hnin Ei Shwe Yi (DD) – Current Head of Marketing; enrolled in Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Ha Ngan Le (Naveen) – Founder & Former President; enrolled in Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Marketing and Management)
  • Pratik Kumkar – Current Vice-President; enrolled in Master of Business Administration
  • Shania Fernando – PR & Communication; enrolled in Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Marketing and Management)

With most of these students in their final trimester of studies, they were on the search for summer internships or job opportunities in order gain an even deeper understanding of the working world. Leveraging on JCU’s close ties with TAIGER, the students were selected for an opportunity to work on a research project to scope out business partnership opportunities for TAIGER.

DD said, “Experiencing new things is always difficult at first. However, the best moments come when your expectations and efforts meet.” As a result, the students collaborated with each other online over the course of six weeks, while staff from TAIGER mentored and guided them through the process.

Amanda shared, “This project has given me the experience of what real business work looks like. It was a great pleasure to be working with Pratik, Naveen, Shania and DD, although we can only work with each other online. We set up online meetings every week and solved the problems together. We still interacted and got to know each other very well during this difficult time!”

If interacting and working together online during a pandemic wasn’t tough enough, the quintet also had to deal with varying time zones as they were situated across different countries including Vietnam, Myanmar, India and Singapore.

“It is such a big opportunity for me to meet and work with this amazing team. Although we have to work online because of COVID-19 and from different countries, the project was still completed successfully,” said Naveen.

What’s more, the students were also tasked with their regular responsibilities to lectures, tutorials, assignments and studies. “While there were several challenges that came with our research for the project, our biggest challenge was probably time management,” Shania explained. “But being a perseverant group of individuals, we found our stride quickly and were able to find a balance.”

DD agreed, “As an IT student, doing this business project along with the last trimester of university was a struggle and made me nervous at first. Ultimately, I was able to manage and finish it with the help of the team, even though we could only interact through online. It was a great experience.”

The project culminated in a final business pitch presentation to TAIGER, showcasing the hard work, grit, determination and professionalism that the students embody. Their efforts have done the University proud, and shown that the challenges of working online can be overcome.

Summing up the experience, Pratik said, “Although the present adversities, final trimester, assignments and this internship were a bit difficult to manage, as someone once said, ‘the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty’. Likewise, my team and I managed the project successfully and smoothly. Definitely, it was a unique and remarkable experience working with TAIGER and their team. Cheers to my outstanding JCU Marketing Club team who did a fantastic job and thanks to JCU, Singapore for an excellent opportunity.”

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