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There are many clubs and activities that you can join in as a student at JCU Singapore. It’s a great way to meet people, have fun, make friends and can be a much needed break from the pressures of studying. Undertaking club activities can also assist in developing skills useful for your career after graduation.

You can find out more about JCU Singapore Student Council and the various student clubs available on campus in the links below.

You can also contact Campus Activities Office at 6709 3676 or for consultation and registration of new interests.

Badminton Club

Badminton is one of the most widely played sport in Singapore. It is the fastest racquet sport in the world, with shuttlecock speeds reaching more than 200 miles per hour. Badminton gives you a full body workout improvising on your strength, endurance, agility, muscle power, quick reflexes and speed endurance. Badminton games can be played as singles, doubles, or mixed doubles.

We are trained by highly professional coaches. Enrol yourself into the BADMINTON CLUB and discover your undiscovered talents. Participate in tournaments and represent JCU. Any queries? Feel free to contact us on our Instagram page @jcubadminton.

Casual session taking place every TUESDAY from 6pm – 8pm every week.

Competitive session (Required to go through trials in Week 2 as there are limited slots available)
taking place every THURSDAY from 6pm – 8pm every week.

When: Weekly every Tuesday (casual) and Thursday (for the competitive team)

Where: Multi-Purpose Hall at JCU

Basketball Club

We are a platform for students from all around the world to interact and form friendships through basketball. AS member share a common interest in the game, we are currently working towards forming a competitive team with our coach (Facebook: @CoachGSingapore). This “Star Team” will represent James Cook University Singapore Campus at competitions.

Trainings are held at the campus outdoor basketball court every Monday and Wednesday 6.15pm-8.30pm. Follow us on Instagram @jcusbasketballclub for updates.


Business Entrepreneurship And Mentorship (BEAM) focuses on providing opportunity for students to enhance their skills by participating in industry projects, career workshops and seminars lead by industry mentors. Our mission is to work closely with the industry in giving students the necessary exposure, skills, knowledge and networks needed to succeed in their professional career. We also mentor students who have an interest in starting a business or are interested in working in Singapore by providing them various opportunities to elevate their skills.


Social Media:

Instagram: @beam_jcus


Chinese Language Club

Chinese Language Club (CLC) welcomes all the students who want to learn the Chinese language and teaching Chinese. We have Chinese basic conversation class and some cultural events to help those who want to learn and experience Chinese cultures such as tea ceremony, the story of mocha and the origin of grass jelly. Our aim is to share the joy of learning the Chinese language and gathering people who are interested in Chinese to break the stereotype of the hardest languages to learn “Chinese”!!

Social Media:

Facebook: JCUS Language Club

Instagram: @jcus_languageclub

Christian Fellowship

We are a group of Christian students from different backgrounds, countries and denominations.  We believe that our time in university is more than just getting a degree but building a strong fellowship, growing in character, sharing lives and encouraging each other to step out to serve. We love people and are passionate about Jesus. We aim to establish a stable community of Christians in JCU Singapore and to be an effective Salt and Light on campus (Matthew 5:13-6). Feel free to join us, everyone is welcomed.

Social Media:

Facebook: JCUS Christian Fellowship

Instagram: @jcuscf

CSCC (Chinese Student Community Club)

Chinese Student Community Club (CSCC) aims to provide a social safety network for Chinese students studying in James Cook University Singapore (JCU Singapore). We are committed to provide Chinese International students a platform to interact and support each other. Our club plans to associate with other Chinese communities, organizations or societies in other universities to know more about Singapore and the lives among local Singapore Chinese.

Do come and join us for a more fulfilling and vibrant school life. We welcome you to join our club and look forward to the exciting events coming up!

Social Media:

We-Chat Official Account: JCU_CSCC
Instagram: CSCC_JCU

Dance Club

JCU’s Dance Club is a place that JCU’s students are able to express and improve their dance skills. We welcome and believe in everyone’s capabilities and strive to bring the best out of them.

In JCU’s Dance Club, we try to create an environment whereby all (members and non-members) could congregate through dance so that they can reduce the stresses of the campus life. The passion for dancing, as well as sharing campus life, helps to strengthen bonds amongst students. We will benefit all students physically and psychologically.

We also believe that Dance is not only an individual or group expression. But rather it is a cultural mirror which reflects the spirit, character and artistry of its time.

Social Media:

Instagram: @jcudanceclub

Film Club

The goal of JCU Singapore Film Club is to create original films and media, and learn different aspects of film making such as screenwriting, storyboarding, producing, acting, directing, filming, post-production and scoring. Film Club also provide students and faculty the opportunity to screen and discuss great films, ranging across the full spectrum of genres, time periods, and nationalities.

Weekly Sessions: Every Tuesday 6:15pm

Social Media:

Instagram: @jcufilmclub

Gaming society

JCU Gaming Society aims to create a community of both casual and competitive gamers. Students with different interests can join to play games for leisure or pursue their esports dream. We also host tournaments, events and conduct workshops which allow students to be organizers or participants where they can gain the most experience. Professional players may be scouted and have a chance to join professional esports team in the future. JCU Gaming Society will represent JCU when competing in local and international tournaments.

Social Media:

Facebook: JCU Gaming Society

Instagram: @jcu_gaming_society

Golden Key JCUS

Golden Key JCUS is the only Singapore chapter of Golden Key – the world’s largest collegiate honour society. Top undergraduates will receive an invitation to join this society. With 400 chapters at colleges and universities worldwide, including the United States, Australia, and South Africa, among others, Golden Key provides an international platform for its members to meet like-minded peers. Golden Key also provides opportunities for members to realise their potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and service.


Social Media:





As a nationwide student organization, our mission is to welcome and unite Indonesian students in James Cook University Singapore (JCUS) by:

  • Encouraging our students to build relationships from both within and outside of JCUS
  • Ensuring our students become more proactive members of society

We gather our members in the hope of nurturing an inseparable bond, where aid, love and respect for one another will be our shared values. A bond where we also share the same goal: maintaining our nationalism for our motherland, Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia.

Social Media:

Instagram: @indojcus

Facebook: Indojcu


IT Club

JCU Singapore IT Club is a platform for students who are interested to improve their IT skills or explore IT as a hobby in JCU Singapore. We aim to provide more learning opportunities and encourage the students to participate in various IT-related events. We have weekly meetings where the members with experience take turns to share their knowledge on different topics and programming languages. We also inform the students about various IT events happening in Singapore that we can attend. When possible, we invite guest speakers, go on IT related field trips and more.

Instagram: @jcus_itclub

JCUS Mateship Programme

Mateship Program was established in 2012 with the aim to bring students from different courses and cultures together, outside of curriculum time for a collective James Cook University Singapore experience. We provide students with the platform to develop holistically by interacting with fellow JCUS students and supporting school events. Our members are actively involved in Orientation week and Mateship’s signature events- Joey Programme and Eat. Play. Run. With this, we hope that our members will align themselves to Mateship's motto: "Lead, Connect, Support".

Social Media:

Instagram: @mateshipjcu


JCUS Psychology Society

The James Cook University, Singapore (JCUS) Psychology Society was founded by a group of dedicated and passionate individuals, with the mission of enhancing students’ university experience through fostering personal relationships with peers, professional networking, and helping others in need. With the aim of providing psychology students with a rich learning experience, Psychology Society has collaborated with numerous external organisations and individuals to bring learning beyond the classroom, as well as to raise awareness on key mental issues within the school community.

Social Media:

Instagram: @psychsociety


Marketing Club

JCU Marketing Club is an academic club of James Cook University Singapore. Our club's vision is to become an agency for students to gain experiences in marketing industry. There are three missions created to achieve this vision. First, JCU Marketing Club helps students gain real experience in the marketing world. Second, we provide environment for students to improve their soft skills. Finally, our club will enhance students’ academic knowledge.

Social Media:


Music Club

Connecting those passionate about music and turning their musical interest into best university life experiences with heart-warming friendship and unforgettable performances.

Social Media:

Instagram: @jcusmusic

Myanmar Community

As an ice breaker, our Myanmar Community club holds a BBQ Party at the start of each trimester for new students. We will also take this opportunity to recruit more Myanmar students into the club. This networking session normally helps in breaking the ice and students and members would not have any issues with making friends that would stay with them throughout their University lives.

Another event that we are hosting once per two trimesters is the Mingalar Par Event. In this event, we will showcase our traditional Burmese dance and offer a wide variety of traditional cuisine for everyone to try. Please feel free to join us!

Social Media:

Instagram: @jcu_myanmar

Facebook: JCU Burmese Community

Operation and Supply Chain Management (OSM) Club

Operation and Supply Chain Management (OSM) Club strives to become the industrially recognized professional development club in the field of operation and supply chain management. OSM's mission is to "Promote awareness of theory and practice of Operation and Supply Chain Management and most importantly, to connect JCUS students and industries while upholding the value creation of continuous improvement, efficiency, environmentally sustainable practices, industry cooperation, and value creation". OSM provides a platform to support the professional development needs of JCUS students and promote knowledge sharing between JCUS students and industries.

Social Media:

Instagram: @osm.jcus


Table Tennis Club

We are a team of passionate players who are keen to not only improve on our skills, but also build meaningful friendships. The club is open to all, from beginners to advanced players. Our coach offers helpful advice to help you improve your game. We also look forward to competitions and friendly matches!

Trainings are conducted in the multi-purpose hall on Fridays, from 3 to 5 pm/4-6pm. Do drop by if you are interested!

Thai Club

We are a group of Thai students in JCU gathered together under the name of Thai55 Club. Our activities including the bonding sessions at the starting of the semester, setting up an event for Thai traditional festival such as Loy Kratong or Songkran and some outdoor activities to enhance harmony.

We're aiming to create a sense of family togetherness for the Thai students away from home. We also promote the Thai culture to the international arena. We hope to welcome you to our family! :)

Social Media:

Instagram: @thai55club_jcus


THES Club (Tourism, Hospitality and Events Club)

THES Club aims to become a community/family for everybody who is interested in Tourism and Hospitality Sector. We focus on providing opportunities for students to exchange and broaden knowledge, practice and master skills, and get used to tourism, hospitality operations and environment. We organize and run hospitality and tourism events, visiting’s and trips, and (academic and training) workshops so students are well-prepared for their professional career.

Social Media:

THES Club email:
Instagram: thesclubjcus

Vietnamese Community

VNC preserves and develops Vietnamese heritage & culture by organizing various programs and activities. Besides that, we also function as an information center for all new Vietnamese and we hope to create strong network amongst JCU students where Vietnamese is an essential part. Finally, we aim to collaborate with other communities, clubs and the mainstream society around Singapore.

Social Media:

Instagram: @vncjcus

Facebook: @VNC.JCUS


Volleyball Club

JCUS volleyball is a passionate and diverse sports team heavily involved with the local community. Together with our committed coach, we aim to build a strong and committed team by individually coaching each player according to their skill set. We welcome any passionate players who are willing to join our volleyball team.


  • To cultivate and promote sportsmanship within the JCUS community
  • Provide a close-knit sports community where students can learn and grow together

Trainings: Every Monday (Casual) and Wednesday (official training), 6pm-8pm.

Contact Us: Email:, Instagram @volleyball_JCUS

Volunteer Club

JCU Volunteer club believes in the value volunteers bring in terms of building helpful and peaceful communities. Any events that need us, we will be there to help. By developing long-lasting relationships with other non-profit and charity organizations in our communities, we are able to provide meaningful personal and professional growth opportunities for our members through volunteering. Volunteer club is committed to connecting members to meaningful volunteer opportunities in a group setting, fostering life-long volunteering, projecting the value of volunteering to our communities and encouraging the integration of new members.

Social Media:

Instagram: @jcu.volunteer_club

Yoga Club

JCU Yoga inspires our community to live empowered, creative, vibrant lives through the practices of yoga and meditation. We envision a world where each club member is able to bridge the gap between health and happiness. We would like each member of the club to have a place where they feel welcomed, understood and able to create a powerful yoga practice at whatever stage of life they are in.

Social Media:

Facebook: JCUS Yoga

New Club Registration

Thank you for your interest in starting a new student club or organization here at JCU Singapore!
Please download and complete the New Club Registration Form and submit to the Campus Activities Office.

Campus Activities Office will review your paperwork and arrange for a discussion with the club key appointment holders before submission for final approval from Student Services Office.
Feel free to approach Campus Activities Office for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you.