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There are many clubs and activities that you can join in as a student at JCU Singapore. It’s a great way to meet people, have fun, make friends and can be a much needed break from the pressures of studying. Undertaking club activities can also assist in developing skills useful for your career after graduation.

You can find out more about JCU Singapore Student Council and the various student clubs available on campus in the links below.

You can also contact Campus Activities Office at 6709 3676 or for consultation and registration of new interests.

24 Festival Drum

To find out more about 24 Festival Drum, please contact Lee Kee Hao at

Basketball Club

To find out more about Basketball Club, please contact Qi Xuanmo at

Big Data Club

To find out more about the Big Data Club, please contact Joel Justin Bright at

Chinese Club

To find out more about Chinese Club, please contact Sun Zhifeng at

Christian Fellowship

Who we are:

We are a group of Christian students from different backgrounds, countries and denominations.  We believe that our time in university is more than just getting a degree but building a strong fellowship, growing in character, sharing lives and encouraging each other to step out to serve. We  love  people  and are passionate about Jesus. Feel free to join us, everyone is welcomed.

We are affiliated to the Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES), an inter-denominational Christian organisation that works with tertiary level students all over Singapore.

Our Vision and Mission:

  • To establish a stable community of Christians in JCU Singapore
  • To be an effective Salt and Light on campus (Matthew 5:13-6)
  • To establish rootedness and stability in the spiritual formation of individual and the family of God.
  • To go forth and make disciples within the JCU community
  • Provide a close-knit community where people can learn and grow together
  • What we do:

    We meet every Wednesday at 6pm for a time of worship, bible study, fellowship and sharing. Other activities include:

  • Special events for Easter & Christmas in campus.
  • Outreach activities to share God’s love with the community around us.
  • Annual CF camp where we learn from one another and equip ourselves on the Christian journey.
  • Combined Christian Fellowship events with other tertiary institutes in Singapore under FES
  • Apart from our regular CF sessions, we love to fellowship over food and occasional outings (to bond as a community).

    Join us today!

    For more information about JCUS Christian Fellowship, contact Samantha Law at or Glennys Callista at

    Christian Fellowship

    Cycling Club

    To find out more about Cycling Club, please contact Li Haowen at

    Dance Club

    To find out more about Dance Club, please contact Anmol Bhatnagar at

    Football Club

    To find out more about Football Club, please contact Mohamed Shariq at

    Golden Key Honors Society

    To find out more about the Golden Key Honors Society, please contact Jing Jie at

    Indian Cultural Society

    To find out more about Indian Cultural Society, please contact Deepak Asish Sivarraj at


    To find out more about IndoJCUS, please contact:

    Chandra Prayogo
    Trisan Kriskharismawan
    Andre Sardino Arno

    JCU Shuttlers

    To find out more about Badminton Club, please contact Li Him Kee at

    Korean Community Club

    To find out more about the Korean Community Club, please contact Jun Yong Gu at

    Malaysian Club

    To find out more about the Malaysian Club, please contact Tan Xin Er at

    Mateship Programme

    To find out more about Mateship, follow us on

    For more enquires, drop us an email at

    Music Club

    About us

    Our passion for music has brought us together and allowed us to express ourselves through it.


    To rock the stage and entertain the ground


    1. Become a haven for aspiring musicians and performers on campus

    2. Create opportunities for students to perform and express their musical talent

    3. Create awareness and develop music appreciation on campus

    4. Train musicians for public performances

    Studio Sessions

    Every Sunday, 2pm-5pm in an external studio.

    Contact Us

    To find out more about Music Club, please contact Jovin Ardianto Kesumo at

    Myanmar Community

    About Us

    Are you interested in Myanmar Culture?  Or maybe fun?

    Feel free to JOIN our Myanmar Community! We are a community of diverse culture, which means it does not matter where you're from or which religion you believe. Every one of you are considered equally as our dear members in our community!


    Our vision is to become the most entertaining club in JCU as well as promoting our culture to people from different countries.


    The sole purpose of this community is about exchanging culture with others, as well as introducing our Myanmar culture. We assure that everyone will have a friendly and fun environment which is part of our university life.

    On special occasions we make traditional events which are amusing and suitable for every students to participate. We also have our member hangout mostly which are formal (volunteering work) or informal (Parties and events). Most importantly, the most unique feature of our community is that we provide  an  amazing program called "A visit to Myanmar Program" where we organize a trip with our fellow members to Myanmar during semester break.

    For members bonding, we have members meeting every two week at school campus for briefing upcoming events and maybe some fun activities!

    We hope students will join our Myanmar Community and involve in our upcoming fun activities and events

    Contact Us

    Please do not hesitate to drop an email for further inquiries!

    Club Email-

    Facebook Page-

    Min Sett Aung (President)

    Phone Letya Thein (Vice President)

    Naing Oo

    Operations and Supply Chain Management Club


    To promote the awareness of the theory and practice of operations and supply chain management, connecting JCUS students and industry whilst upholding values of continuous improvement, efficiency, environmentally sustainable practices, industry cooperation, and value creation


    To be an industry-recognized professional development club in the area of operations and supply chain management


    1. To encourage cooperation between JCUS and industry;  
    2. To provide a platform on which JCUS students can put theory into practice;  
    3. To support professional development needs of JCUS students;  
    4. To promote knowledge sharing between JCUS students and industry;
    5. To impact the values of continuous improvement, efficiency, environmentally sustainable practices, industry cooperation, and value creation among JCUS students  

    Please contact the club president, Pang Ser Wei at for more information.

    Outdoor Activities Club

    To find out more about Outdoor Activities Club, please contact Tamilselvan Nivedha at

    Photography Club

    To find out more about the Photography Club, please contact Nishaant Dalmia at

    Psychology Society

    About Us

    JCU Singapore Psychology Society was created by Psychology students with the aim to enhance our university experience through making friends, helping others, learning, and growing.

    Vision and Goals

    The society aims to:

    • Provide a platform for JCUS psychology students to communicate  
    • Develop a community for current students and alumni  
    • Benefit the students of JCUS Psychology  
    • Raise awareness of psychological disorders, and the need for psychologists  

    Contact Us

    To find out more about JCUS Psychology Society, follow us on

    For more enquires, drop Cody Lim an email at

    Student Council

    To find out more about our JCUS Student Council, please contact Devika Kumar at


    To find out more about Toastmasters Club, please contact Jonathan Peh at

    Vietnamese Community

    To find out more about JCUS Vietnamese Community, please contact Lam Thi Tuyet Mai at

    Volunteer Club

    To find out more about Volunteer Club, please contact:

    Chang Jiarong (Cherry) at
    Lin YaTing (Kristine) at
    Wang Yizhe (Carrie) at

    New Club Registration

    Thank you for your interest in starting a new student club or organization here at JCU Singapore!
    Please download and complete the New Club Registration Form and submit to the Campus Activities Office.

    Campus Activities Office will review your paperwork and arrange for a discussion with the club key appointment holders before submission for final approval from Student Services Office.
    Feel free to approach Campus Activities Office for more information.

    We look forward to hearing from you.