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Meet our new Dean of Research

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Wed, 8 Jan 2020
Meet our new Dean of Research

The Singapore campus of James Cook University has appointed a new Dean of Research.

dr caryn west

James Cook University in Singapore has named Professor Caryn West as the new Dean of Research. In this role, she will be responsible for driving the research agenda on campus.

“I have a quite diverse portfolio which includes disaster preparedness, mitigation, and recovery; injury — particularly in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities — and the effects alcohol has on injuries and families; and nursing and midwifery education and research capacity building with a designated remit to the Western Pacific region,” said Professor West.

She emphasised, “Underpinning most of my research is resilience: individual, family and community.”

As the new Dean of Research, Professor West will be taking over duties from Professor Dean Jerry. Under Professor Jerry’s leadership, James Cook University in Singapore has pushed boundaries and made great strides in research.

Professor Jerry shared, “I am especially proud of how we have established and resourced the Tropical Futures Institute (TFI).”

The university has also drawn upon Professor Jerry’s extensive knowledge in aquaculture to support initiatives such as the launch of the Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC), TFI’s collaboration with National University of Singapore (NUS) to expand research in the field of aquaculture technology, the launch of our very own Aquaculture Research and Teaching Facility, and our Research Collaborative Agreement with Adisseo.

Professor Jerry said, “As I leave, the research agenda at James Cook University in Singapore is now accepted as part of our DNA, and there is a real energy for research.”

Commenting on Professor West’s appointment, Professor Jerry added, “Caryn is a researcher with a lot of experience, and she will have a particular mandate to roll out the 2nd major pillar in the TFI related to Allied Health. She is extremely enthusiastic about her new position and I’m sure you will all continue to work with her to further research here in Singapore.”

The Singapore campus of James Cook University looks forward to leveraging Professor West’s personal expertise and leadership skills, to strengthen research in the sphere of public health and bolster our links with the industry.

Professor West will first visit the Singapore campus of James Cook University in January, prior to taking up her new role in February.

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